Common nicknames for hospital items.

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    Just wanted to see if the nicknames we call certain items are the same names you guys call them lol. I work in the midwestern region.

    Examples include:
    1.) "Bubblier" for humidifier
    2.) "Ice pack" for the polar pack and the original ice pack
    3.) "Patches" for tele electrodes
    4.) "Stickers" for labels
    5.) "Booties" for spenco boots
    6.) "Christmas tree" for O2 connector

    That is all I can think of at the moment. Feel free to add to the list. I am looking forward to seeing new nicknames I haven't hear before
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    for # 3, i conquer we call it the same "patches" for the electrodes, however, for # 6 we call it "nipple" for the 02 connector
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    "Blue sucky thing" for a bulb aspirator.
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    Cool. "Nipple" is definitely something I haven't heard before hahaha!
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    I have to admit, I googled bulb aspirator to see what that was. If I work in your area, I would use "blue sucky thing" too!
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    Ativan = Vitamin A
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    I totally agree! Is there by chance "Vitamin H" for Haldol?
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    Propofol= milk of amnesia
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    "Big boy (girl) pack and play" - net bed
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    Massager = SCDs
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