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Just wanted to see if the nicknames we call certain items are the same names you guys call them lol. I work in the midwestern region. Examples include: 1.) "Bubblier" for humidifier 2.) "Ice pack" for the polar pack and the... Read More

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    Quote from rangerlil

    A quick bedbath is "pits and bits"
    One of my nursing professors called this a "Ho" bath. It always made me laugh when she said this.

    Someone mentioned banana bags. I also like iron sucrose IVPB bags. A few of us call this "Soy Sauce". I picked this up from an ER friend. The first time he handed me the bag and said here's your soy sauce, it made me laugh and now that is what it is called.
    How about the IV extension tubing when starting an IV, some call them pig tails, some of us just describe it and don't know what to call it.
    Sometimes I call something a "doo-hicky" or a thing-a-ma-bob". And then I say, "yes, that is a medical term."

    I like this thread, thanks for the laughs.
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    I always called the tubing things J loops when I started IVs.
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    Quote from LifesAJourney
    You just reminded me about something with GoLytely. I do wish the company would change the name to reflect the product more accurately. GoLytely sounds very light and dainty. As we all know, there is nothing light or dainty about it. It also needs to come flavored with ANYTHING. Our nurses mix it with the blue powerade and add ice to make it a little eaiser for the patients to drink.
    You're hospital needs to get with the times! Ours has come with flavor packets for years. They also started calling it NuLytely, not sure if that's any better though.
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    Airplane bath. I'll let you figure it out!
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    Liquid Lounge= place where intoxicants are held in the ER.
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    Cave of Wonders >>> PYXIS room
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    I think this one is common...
    Top hats for toilet urine collectors.
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    Quote from Jo Dee
    Anyone ever refer to the hospital mesh panties as 'Victoria Secrets'?
    We called them fishnets! lol
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    Quote from rangerlil
    A quick bedbath is "pits and bits"
    I've also heard PTA, for pits plus t&a...not tonsils and adenoids, the other t&a!
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    "Moon boots" for sequential compression devices.

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