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Common nicknames for hospital items. - page 5

Just wanted to see if the nicknames we call certain items are the same names you guys call them lol. I work in the midwestern region. Examples include: 1.) "Bubblier" for humidifier 2.) "Ice... Read More

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    Quote from jadelpn
    Vitals signs machine--Nurse on a stick
    Ours was known as the nurse on wheels!
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    Warm prune juice, MOM, a shot of strong coffee: Crappachino
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    Anyone here ever had to describe a butt decubitus in report as a crater?

    How about the fact that report also might involve describing a bowel movement as Yoohoo, soft-serve, a malomar, chocolate pudding or a Lincoln Log? Kinda made you want to skip those snacks, lol....

    A bedside commode was sometimes a Port-a-Potty.
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    Sometimes a diagnosis is: F.O.S. = full of "stool"

    A quick bedbath is "pits and bits"
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    FLK - Funny looking kid. Actually used in charts for newborns with certain facial characteristics. This was 30+ years ago.

    Vitamin V= valium We gave a lot of it IV in dialysis

    Too tired to think of more!
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    yeah we do crystal light lemonade as a mix with go lytely usually
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    A turn and rub - intubated, sedated, and stable
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    Quote from LifesAJourney
    You just reminded me about something with GoLytely. I do wish the company would change the name to reflect the product more accurately. GoLytely sounds very light and dainty. As we all know, there is nothing light or dainty about it. It also needs to come flavored with ANYTHING. Our nurses mix it with the blue powerade and add ice to make it a little eaiser for the patients to drink.
    Oh my this reminds me of a story. When I was still a nursing assistant (now I'm an RN), one of my pts was taking golytely for her colonoscopy which was the next day. She was going so frequently, and so VIOLENTLY, she actually had a seizure while she was on the commode. It was insane.
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    Where I work, MIlk of mag + Miralax mixed in prune juice is a Boom Boom Pow.
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    Quote from redhead_nurse98!
    we had to stop calling our computers on wheels "cows" because some visitor got offended and complained because she heard "get that cow out of the hallway" they're wows, workstations on upscale
    good one i'm still lol... :d
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    EKG thingie=stickie ,
    MOM and cascara=brown cow,
    bed pads=chux even though we went to cloth ones that worked great-still chux,
    report sheet/shift notes=my Brain,
    my pen= NOT YOURS,
    LOL on floor slip and slide in room #___,
    computer charting=building in the box thing,
    multiple tubes in one person=all these "wires"
    team nursing with a partner=double-timing the patients (a great concept-LOVED it)
    bed that won't roll=Yugo with a flat
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    "princess glove" = arm sleeve to keep the LOL's from ripping out their IV's
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    The fish bowl= Admissions

    The hole= Triage

    Bucky= our doctor

    Code Shakespeare= Drama

    Code Charlie (Sheen)= Cray person on premises

    Big Bertha= Big Bed Side Commode
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