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Hi, I have applied to a few places who ask "Salary Requirement"? What is the purpose of this? Don't they know their budget or is this a way to weed out the expensive? I did not want to put too... Read More

  1. by   caffeineaddict
    Quote from SummitAP
    Well, if you don't want to put "negotiable," then put "ALL OF IT."
    If I only could!
  2. by   BrandonLPN
    You're supposed to highball the number, so that when they whittle it down a few bucks they'll feel like they won.
  3. by   ArrowRN
    Quote from Scarlettz
    I usually put 17 -20 dollars if required to put an amount. You might want to see if you can find out the average salary for a newcomer and put something around that amount. I honestly would take a job for $17/hour, as that would be a vast improvement from what I make now. Be honest. I am not sure if I helping or harming my chances. But, I say put down the amount you'd truly accept and work hard for.
    While that figure may sound great to you, low balling might not be good for the industry...employers might start getting wild ideas about what a nurse should make...esp since many nurses complain about being underpaid. Try to find out from the hospital or google what the average is for your state and put something 3-5 dollars above that.
    In the non nursing field i'm in right now as basically a technician, 4 yrs ago when i was asked I had put $17/hr, at the interview they offered my $12/hr I refused and said i can support my family on that and restated my goals and experience and pleded my case. Then they offerred $15 (which is what i really wanted) and i took that offer...that is how people negotiate, you just gotta be careful and feel out the employer.
    Just like there is a buyers market for houses...there's an "employers market" with many qualified employees outthere, you gotta be real but at the same time not sell yourself short.
    When I graduate from nursing school I would expect to put $23-25 even tho I know in florida new grads generally starts around $19-20/hr , I got this info by just asking new nurses.
  4. by   tewdles
    I have completed a number of these over the decades. I always use my most recent wage and add an increase (When I change jobs I am typically hoping to improve my income at the same time). If there is a place to note that the wage is negotiable I include that.
    If the employer is interested and cannot meet my wage expectations, perhaps somethingelse can be negotiated...relative to paid time off, scheduling, etc.

    Mostly it depends upon the type of nursing job you are applying for. There is often little negotiation available when we are hiring into a hospital or similar facility as a staff or floor nurse.

    Good luck.