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It's good to have an outlet you can spill your feelings about finding a job and struggling being unemployed. Got my CA RN license in Jan2011 and trying to land a RN job anywhere. Passed hundreds of applications online which... Read More

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    Don't you know there is a nursing shortage? I got criticized for saying that there wasn't. There is. You were lie to in school and you get lied to on this board. There is an over abundance of new RN's. I had to take early retirement because there is no nursing shortage.
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    Quote from Joe Dee
    Wow this forum is a real eye opener. I thought I did my due diligence finding a second career that needed people was recession proof etc. Looks like I did not dig deep enough. I am a middle age man with a family and have been running my own business for decades. The writing is on the wall and business has been shrinking every year. I am finishing up a year of prerequisites and all my general ed courses and am scheduled to start a two year nursing program in the fall. After reading all your stories I feel like a fool and am reconsidering my plan to attend school in the fall. I don't need another career that has to many people and not enough jobs.........I am shocked
    Lots of people consider what they hear in the media to be "due diligence". It isn't, it is heresay and sometimes just plain lies.

    You have done well to get outside of that and get the real story, so good for you. Yes, this is not a stable thing to go into right now. However, neither is anything else. There is no such thing as a "recession proof" career and the USA is in the deepest recession/depression since the 1920s. When people lose work, spouses go back to work and job openings dry up. Retirements get put on hold and part-timers go full-time - both of those dry up the job market too. When people lose work, they lose healthcare coverage. When people lose healthcare coverage they stop going in for elective healthcare. When people decline their elective health consumerism, hospitals draw down on the number of hires. They try to keep the same profit margin by trying to have fewer people doing the same job. This also dries up job openings. Added to all this is a surplus of people graduating from nursing school. There are not enough jobs for every new GN who wants one to actually get one.

    If you want to be a nurse you should be one. If you want to be one for job security and income, yeah...you probably want to look elsewhere. It is hard, unpleasant work with long hours and low pay when held up against everything a nurse is responsible for.
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    Bump. I was determined to find a job, but after couple of months of sending electronic applications and getting automated rejection emails, which is better than not getting any emails back, I need to vent some things before I go back to school (online RN-BSN) and continue with my job search.

    How can hospitals claim they are "teaching hospitals" when they don't hire new RNs? They talk about the cost of hiring new RNs for training, but they are happy to pay premium for RNs from travel agencies. And I can only imagine what the work environment is like to work with a travel nurse who is not commited to work within the team because they can just leave and pick up another assignment elsewhere. Or a travel nurse going above and beyond when they know the end date of their assignment. It is much better to invest in a new employee than rotating the temp workers. Don't they know that?

    And what is up with "magnet" hospitals"? That is like an art gallery advertising "we only display art from artists with Bachelor's degree in art", or imagine a band claiming all of their members hold Bachelor's in music degree. How about a book store that only carries a book written by authors with Bachelor's in literature or english? Everyone knows these claims are so stupid, we question the institution who makes these claims. So why hospitals think they get benefit from such a claim? I think it came from nurses with BSN felt threatened by nurses with ADN when competing for power, policy, or position. My Bachelor's in business, life long experience, and ADN training will make me a better new grad nurse than most 20yr old new grads nurse with BSN.
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    I graduated from an LPN program 18 months ago. Got my NCLEX on the first try. I wanted to work in LTC where I had been a CNA for over 2 years. I have excellent references from supervisors as well as residents and their families from my employment in LTC.I have applied for only a few hospital positions out of desperation because LTC now wants nurses to have an RN BSN and at least 1 year of experience. Hospitals are the same. There seems to be a No New Grads policy wherever I go. When I read on other nursing sites and here that there are all these nursing jobs for new grads and to just keep an open mind, don't be picky, keep applying... I am convinced that those who claim they had jobs right out of school, must either work for a nursing school or have job connections. The only person from my graduating class that walked right into a hospital job has family members who already work in that hospital system. Nursing schools want to stay in business so of course they're going to keep claiming that there is a "nursing shortage". Good thing I am an excellent chef or I would be totally unemployed. If I ever get a nursing job I am going to have to attend a refresher course. I haven't been around any nursing skills in a year and a half. How safe is this going to be for patients? Volunteering is not really an option when you live in farm country and would have to drive 63 miles to the nearest Red Cross. And at todays gas prices. Yes, the local hospital has some volunteer options that are not nursing oriented in any way and that is 28 miles away.I just spent $75.00 renewing my BLS for Healthcare Provider and I don't know why. I guess if someone at the restaurant has a heart attack they'll be lucky that the chef is also an LPN?
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    What a frustrating situation cook78. It is so unfair what the faculty and schools are doing....
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    Appreciate the symps Crunch, thank you.
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    If I weren't in school part time I'd be furious!
    I too need to renew my bls but for what? Good luck 2 us all.
    We will be employed soon
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    The impression that I get is that these facilities would rather make their staff work in unsafe conditions than to hire additional help. Makes me regret spending 3 years training to become a nurse.
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    A friend here in CT told me to apply to prisons/correctional systems also, but when I looked into it even they were asking for their applicants to have 2-5 years experience and were not considering new grads.

    After 4 months of looking, I have taken a job in retail for minimum wage! to help feed my family. I will continue to apply and hope for something in nursing. It frustrates me that I can't even work as a CNA because I have an RN title, which I think is stupid, even a CNA makes more than minimum wage and I certainly could do the work.
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    exactly! Every single hospital I did my RN clinical rotations in was severely understaffed, with any RN who you asked privately and directly about the situation would state that they were overworked, with not enough staff and no time to eat, let alone go to the bathroom!!!!! But these same places are not hiring new grads, go figure.

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