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It's good to have an outlet you can spill your feelings about finding a job and struggling being unemployed. Got my CA RN license in Jan2011 and trying to land a RN job anywhere. Passed hundreds of applications online which... Read More

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    Thank you thank you thank you! I hear what you are saying...I drive by multiple hospitals and clinics each day and think to myself that there has to be just one little position in all of those places...well, one day there will be and in the meantime I will just keep applying! Thanks for keeping your chin up, your positivity is rubbing off!

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    Quote from cook78
    @marcos9999: Relocation is no problem. Tell me the name of the hospital/s and I will apply/complete a profile today. I am desperate to keep my nursing skills active.
    Yes North Dakota has a housing problem so that might not be your best option. Here's my suggestion:

    1. Connect to info@3rnet.org which is an organization that recruit in undeserved areas, there you'll find a bunch of useful information

    2. Search first in your state because anything is better then leaving your home state.

    3. Wikipedia has a listing of all hospitals in the U.S. by state/county just search. Look for the smallest hospitals and in the most remote areas first and begin apply and call, you'll should get responses

    Good luck

    Yes you should do anything to get that "first year" experience I believe the road is smother after that.
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    @marcos9999 : Have you even read what most of us have been saying on this thread? Who/what is 3rnet.org? It is just an email site as far as I can see, you need to tell us who we are sending our personal email addresses to and perhaps I will contact them. Do they have a website? I have already applied to hospitals in my own state as well as seven other states. I have friends or family I can live with until I find my own apartment. I also happen to have friends with family in North Dakota that I can possibly stay with. Sooooo what are the names of these hospitals in North Dakota that are hiring new grad nurses "right over the phone", we "just have to be able to get there"? Trinity-Minot had nothing for new grads, and also don't mention telephone interviews. Which hospitals in North Dakota are you referring to? I've also been applying to small rural hospitals. I've been applying to small rural nursing homes too. I prefer to work in long term care. As I said in my post, I live in farm country. Even in farm country the nursing homes want RN BSN's with at least 1 year of experience. I've applied to the lowest budget nursing homes and rehabs and was interviewed. The interviews went terrific, but... I not only had to call them back only to be told I was "not the candidate they selected", I saw the same job re-posted several times and contacted them each time to see if they would consider hiring me. This has happened several times. There are no nursing jobs for new grads. Only nursing schools seem to be claiming that there is a nursing shortage. Are you sure you don't work for one?
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    I sent you a private message with the information you requested
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    I have recently interviewed with a particular hospital in North Dakota and I'm curious if this one falls into the category of your alluded to hospitals, marcos9999. Not to be a nosey nose, but do you mind sending me some more specified information as well? My finance is set to start oil work in the area and it'd be nice for me to work in the same state.

    Thank You!
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    If u guys are really desperate and willing to relocate, laredo and eagle pass are usually hiring new grads. They are desperate in the valley area. Not a fun and exciting place to live though, if your young
    New RN Grads | Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center
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    Ah man, this post about lobotomy boy made me laugh...I sure needed that after reading through all of these sad posts.

    I graduated in March, passed NCLEX in May, and have been applying all over the country since. I live in Northern CA by the way, and as much as I'd love to stay here, I'm willing to move. I've had one phone interview, which I thought went well, but it turns out they were seeking someone with more experience. Why waste my time? In any event, it was good interview experience.

    As I watch my classmates land jobs one by one, it really seems to come down to just plain luck most of the time. Some who've landed jobs have absolutely no healthcare experience, and some who are still looking have actual hospital experience and still can't get an interview. It's a toss up.

    In the meantime, I've deferred my loan payments, signed up to volunteer for hospice & palliative care, and am about to take an ACLS class & an advanced 12-lead EKG interpretation class. I can't just sit here feeling sorry for myself. I've also been applying to various healthcare-related jobs because I need money. Jobs like intake coordinator, medical office admin (I have admin experience), patient coordinator, etc...but haven't received a single response. I imagine the hiring managers are wondering why I'm applying to those jobs since I just graduated from nursing school, and they just know I'll pick up and leave at my first RN offer. Sigh.

    Anyway...good luck to all! I know it's achingly disheartening, but keep your head up and put your good energy out there. I believe that eventually we'll find what we're looking for.

    Quote from GFocker92
    You're not doing anything wrong, its a systematic process.  I've been applying day in/day out too, networking, career fairs, going to HR, filling out applications, I picked up ACLS, PALS, I was an EMT (volunteer and paid for 3 years), tutored in A&P at the college level, M.A. in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University, worked as a counselor in a psych ER AND managed the nurses station.  I've gotten two interviews (that said no) after countless applications, I even got rejected from VOLUNTEERING at a hospital specifically because I was a new grad RN.  The biggest thing people tell me is to be patient.  I was talking with a nurse who worked in an ICU for 4 years, and it took her 3 months to find a job.  The fact is its just brutal for new grads.  As far as seeing peers get jobs, just remember the biggest word in hiring is "capricious"  Who knows why some of these people get picked.  There was a guy in my nursing program who I was convinced had a lobotomy, I mean this guy had no personality, no facial expressions, a voice like Ben Steins and a hospital I interviewed at hired him into their nurse residency program...Sooner or later the odds have to work in you favor.  If it worked for lobotomy boy it will work for us!
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    Umm...I passed the board in Aug of last year and I still got no job. Right now I am in BSN but only because I need a BS in anything. I plan to use it to apply for any job that need at least BS degree to get in. It might pay less than working as an RN but at least it pays. Unlike this "RN" thing that I got and gets me no where.
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    My vent:

    i was so excited when i got to interview for my dream job position in a hospital after only 6 weeks after graduation! the manager says to me in our interview that she knew she liked me from just reading my resume and that i tried to stand out. SHe then continued to say that she doesnt have a position at this moment, but one will be opening up a couple weeks, and that she usually doesn't say or do this but wanted to let me know i "should expect a call from HR in a few weeks, and to get my PALS certification in the meantime ( position requires it)". So,here i am so excited...i get my certification which wasn't cheap under the impression I landed the job. Fast forward a month later. NM doesnt answer any of my calls or return VM or emails of mine since its way passed due when she said HR will call. HR doesn't even have any information passed on by NM about me when i decided to follow up with them. I feel upset at this behaviour ( ethically unprofessional) because I could've used to $200 spent on my PALS class but was under the impression I was hired.Am I overreacting? Is this normal behaviour nowdays with NM? Anyone with similiar experiences?
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    To roro13sf,
    Take your nursing info OFF of your resume. Only list it under your education in one line. You have admin experience, so cater your cover letter to that job only. If you get an interview you can come up with something to be your reasoning as to why you aren't pursuing an RN position - it's important you say that you are not, in order to get a job. Your listing of your RN is a death nail for employment outside of nursing

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