St. Joseph's Hospital Houston

  1. I am about to receive an offer from St. Joseph's downtown, and I was wondering if anyone who works there can tell me a little bit about the culture. Also, I am a new grad and am wondering what I may be able to expect for salary? I have heard in Houston it's around $22 or so. Is this the case sense IASIS took over?Thanks in advance. I look forward to hearing from you
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  4. by   citylights89
    I didn't know they even hired new grads. They have a mixer-type event tomorrow but it indicated it was only for experienced nurses, so I didn't think it would be worthwhile for me to go. Are you getting a long orientation, too?
  5. by   nicole2011
    I believe they told me the orientation/internship would be 9 weeks....

    Any idea what the hourly wages are?
  6. by   citylights89
    Oh, 9 weeks doesn't seem that bad. Most places are just a little bit longer than that so it's not too far off.
    I don't know for certain, but $22/hr might be right, The lowest I ever heard (it was from a class mate though) was $21/hr. Average is around $23-24, I believe.
  7. by   rnbsn12
    Hi I just got hired from St. Joseph Downtown and they are hiring a ton of new grads! Starting base salary is 25.14. Evening diff is 3.00 and night is 4.00.
    Downside: no diff for weekends.
    After you are done with training (6-8 weeks), they will increase your base salary by 1 dollar, making it 26.14.

    You will be signing a two year contract with them and if anyone decides to leave will have to "buyout" of the contract.

    You will be having orientation for one week and start on your unit after that week with a preceptor. Training depends on your unit, my unit is 6 -8 weeks, but if you don't feel comfortable you can ask for a few more weeks. As for culture wise, it is very very diverse.

    Sorry for the typos I'm using my phone.
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  8. by   kindlylili
    Hi rnbsn12, thanks for your infor, and which state it is located?
  9. by   kindlylili
    Omg, it said in Huston lol
  10. by   rnbsn12
    Quote from kindlylili
    Omg, it said in Huston lol
    Yup it's in Houston.
  11. by   ExhaustedNurse
    St. Joseph just increased their base pay to $26.95/hr based on market analysis for new grads. Differentials: evening $3.50 and nights $4.00. No weekend diffs.
  12. by   HouTx
    Hmm - wonder why they are having to raise their wages. Are they having problems filling positions because they're for sale again?
  13. by   ExhaustedNurse
    Quote from HouTx
    Hmm - wonder why they are having to raise their wages. Are they having problems filling positions because they're for sale again?
    Because everyone is quitting, even interns!
  14. by   mom_baby_RN
    base depends on unit, specialty units are always $3 more an hour, pay has been like this for past 5 yrs, maybe $1hr now (july 2013)
    it's a great hospital