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Poll: to those of u "former" new grads- How did you get that first new grad job? Walk- ins, online applications, through networking/ someone u know helped you, etc. Thanks for any future replies! Im interested to see who was most... Read More

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    I just kept applying to places and eventually got a call back for an interview. For awhile I wasn't receiving any calls...so I kept tweaking my resume. Good luck!
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    Quote from That Guy
    Seriously newbies if you are reading this. Start looking for the job while in school. That means networking and kicking butt at clinicals. Get your name known!
    Completely agree!!!!
    ** I applied for 88 positions online at MANY different hospitals spanning over 50 miles from my house.** i knew that there might be some compromise and sacrifice in accepting my first job including a long commute. It's really tough for new grads. I secured a job with a hospital in which I had done clinicals. I smiled a lot while in the clinical setting and kicked butt! Networking is huge. With online applying, your resume looks just like anybody else who just graduated nursing school (for the most part). I went to a job fair. I was finally able to put a face to my resume. One of the hiring managers remembered my smile, and this was from 2 years ago! :-). I had 2 interviews that day, had to do a personality/psych test online, and then I had a panel interview w/ 7 people asking me questions. Anyway, I got the job. However you can do it, get your face in front of the hiring managers. Career fair-- networking!
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    If I'd have to give advice, I'd say this: don't count on just one thing to land you the job. Don't depend solely on the CNA job that you're working to pan out into a RN job at graduation because in this job market, that's no longer the guarantee that it used to be. Same thing with clincals: don't think that a stellar performance at your senior preceptorship will always result in a job offer at the end. And just because your friend/family member works at the hospital, don't think you have an easy in and not bother to do anything else, because someone else may have an easier in than you.

    So do everything that people have suggested in this thread: network while in school, try to work/volunteer, do the best that you can in both class and at clinicals, keep developing your skills, hit all the job/career fairs, never pass up an opportunity to interview, AND find other ways to stand out from the rest. Doing one or two isn't always going to be enough. And be flexible and apply for as much as you can because you never know where you will strike gold
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    I'd made a list of the top children's hospitals in the US and periodically went to each of their job sites. I applied to jobs that were eligible to hire new grads. I applied for a CVICU job at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) despite my interest being in PICU. But it was the only job that allowed new grads to apply! It was a miracle that whoever saw my resume forwarded it to the PICU talent strategist who called me to see if I was interested in scheduling an interview.

    I flew out to PA on my own dime and endured a nerve-wrecking 7 hour interview. They called me a week and a half later to offer me the job. No prior connections, simply an online application from their website.

    Anything can happen!
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    I secured a scholarship from the hospital to pay for my education in return for working there for 2 years after graduation. I also then began an externship there prior to graduation to build a reputation with the hospital. I had a pick of three different positions when I graduated.
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    Hundreds of applications, calls, going to hr officeses/hospitals ( very frowned upon where I attempted this lol), emails, paper applications. In the end I got my job by applying online through the hospital's career website. Interviewed with HR and nursing manger and then relocated a few hundred miles for my job!
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    I kept in contact with HR/nurse recruiters and was invited to a job fair.
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    I worked as a PCA/tech on a great unit during nursing school, then got hired on as a nurse as soon as I graduated!
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    Thank you all so much for taking your time to respond!!! Its good to hear all your different success stories! Good luck to you all!!
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    What is a HIT company? What other things did you do while in school to set yourself apart?

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