Passed Nclex rn in August, still no job

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    Right after I passed, I applied to many job openings-New grads and RN positions.
    After a while of not hearing anything, I reapplied to other RN positions, still no calls.
    All the new grad positions are gone and no one is hiring new RN's, yet there is a RN shortage?
    (I contacted my senior preceptor and they are not hiring either.)

    I've been volunteering to keep me occupied, but really hoping to get an RN job soon.
    Any advice for a new grad/new RN for searching for a RN job?
    It feels like job hunting is harder than the nclex!
    I don't want to forget 4 years of nursing by not working.

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    In the same boat =( Guess we just have to keep applying!
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    You are still a fresh new grad.

    There are a lot of new grads that have hit the one year mark and are still without a job, especially in California.

    Apply and apply again.

    Good luck.
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    I passed NCLEX in August & applied to many jobs online with no results. With an ADN & no healthcare experience, I really had to stand out from all the others. In September, I finally started calling places & asking to speak directly to the RN manager, then following up with my resume via email. As a very shy & introverted person, it was really hard to do so but I'm glad I did it. I got 2 interviews out of it & was offered a job from one of the companies. My employer never even received my online application; I ended up filling out a paper one at my interview. I will admit, it is not the area I hoped to worked but I am grateful for the opportunity and intend to give it my all and reevaluate my situation in a year. Keep volunteering, stay in touch with classmates, network with everybody. Good luck!

    Also, I found this article was really interesting. A bit depressing/scary for a new grad but a good reality check. Had I read this before I started nursing school, I may have changed my educational plan or at least had a better idea of what to expect when out of school.

    Why Nursing School Grads Have Trouble Finding Jobs
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    I passed my nclex mid september and started applying to jobs online I was most interested in. It took a little over a month later when I landed my first interview and was offered a job. By the third week of no calls, I began to call HR asking about my status of my application, they told me they hadn't send it to the clinical managers and send them through. I got the names and numbers to clinical managers and called them. It took a few tries to get a hold of them and also left messages. I got a call 5 days after leaving a message and got my interview where I was offered a job. Hope this helps.
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    I feel your pain. I've only gotten interviews in LTC and Skilled Nursing facilities. 0 hospital interviews. Thankfully, I still have my non-nursing job. Check sites like indeed and simplyhired. There's some new grad listings on those sites. I saw some in states like NE, NC and SC to name a few.
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    Thanks to all of your replies!
    I recently just got a part time seasonal job in a store.
    It's a job, but I wish it were a nursing job. No calls yet from anything nursing related
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    I understand your frustration. I graduated with my BSN in August and took and passed the NCLEX in August and I still haven't found a job yet. I just moved to Hawaii and there are NO new nurse positions here. All new nurses must work as a secretary or aid before they are even considered for the nurse residency program (which must be completed before being considered for an RN position). And even working as an aid or secretary doesn't guarantee you a spot in the residency program. I heard that there have been new nurses working as aids for years before getting into a residency program. It's so frustrating! I really don't want to move back to PA, but I might have to if I can't find a job here soon.
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    oztizz184 Hey you!! I hope you still remember me I pass the nclex shortly after you did. Guess what?? We're on the same boat Its been really hard. I got interviewed 3 weeks ago at a dialysis center I found out yesterday that 2 of their tech just pass the nclex too and the company hire them instead. I can see how that benefits them at least it will be less training for them. So yeah my application was put on hold. This is so much harder than reviewing for the nclex.

    I'm glad you post your thoughts I could also learned from the people who respond.

    Best wishes to you.
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    paRN12 Thanks for your post cause I was considering moving to Hawaii to pursue my Bachelor degree and hopefully find a part time job. ( Its so frustrating.
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