Just a vent folks...

  1. Hi everyone, I have been here before, but I finally decided to make an account cause I am just so frustrated and I wanted to just let out all the bile before my family comes home and I unleash it on them...

    I am annoyed. I am annoyed with myself for thinking that working hard, making the honor roll, joining the honors society, getting involved with school activities, and polishing up my resume till its really good was enough to get me noticed by HR. I am annoyed that I thought that putting on a grey suit and putting on the approriate amount of makeup, having copies of all pertinent documents and putting on my best "hire me" show was enough to make recruiters interested in possibly setting me up for interviews for their floors. I thought that being intelligent and personable, loving nursing, being good at it, having great references, preceptorships, externships, a BSN from a highly regarded school would be enough if I interviewed well and have a good resume. Hah. Oh, and getting the interview? Im thinking about forgetting nursing and turning professional stalker.

    I am annoyed with nursing friends who were lucky enough to get hired quicker than I was for "suggesting" more locations to apply for. I know they are only trying to help, but what do they think? I havent been trying hard enough? I have applied to pretty much every facility within 30 miles and I dont even drive! Ill worry about that if I have the opportunity to worry it. It would be more helpful to just sympathize with me and say they know its tough out there.

    Also annoyed with all those non-nursing folks (and even some people involved in healthcare!!) asking me "You havent gotten a job yet? But there is such a nursing shortage!!" At which point I have to explain to them that there is in fact a nursing shortage only because people are refusing to hire nurses, especially new ones, lest they think I am an idiot or a loser for not being hired.

    And I am kind of annoyed with watching the numbers go up on the scale as I sit home all day in front of the computer and eat. And eat. Oh, and sleep. Good times.

    If youve made it this far thanks for listening to my rampage! I promise I usually am a normal and well adjusted human being but I guess some days you wake up on the wrong side of the bed...heres to a better day tomorrow!
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  3. by   itsmejuli
    Good vent, hope you feel a bit better. Have a glass of wine and figure out what this emoticon is because I sure don't know what it is.

    I hope something comes along your way soon.
  4. by   irisk
    Hello,I read your entire message and can truly say I empathize. I have encountered similar situations. Be persistent and believe in yourself. Sincerely,Irisk
  5. by   bonnielilgirl
    Thank you itsmejuli and irisk for your kind words!
  6. by   gatoraims RN
    I know it is hard. I am not sure when you started to apply so it my suggestion is bs just ignore me. I graduated LPN school in June of 2011 passed my NCLEX July. I applied to EVERYTHING from June on. I did not start to get calls until October and those were from LTC. It took hospitals until Feb. to call me. Hang in there ignore the well wishers they just do not understand.
  7. by   lovinlife11
    Such a tough job market even with experience. Good luck to you! <professional stalker> made me giggle!
  8. by   missy32
    Sounds like the conversations I have with myself often. It's like what the heck what hospitals are hiring and what do you need on your resume to get an interview even. Is it really all about who you know to even get an interview with a hospital. Without my close friends I met while in nursing school and us all having a hard time and venting to each other, I think I would go nuts. I guess it's nice to know there are other people in the same boat as you, even though you really don't want to be in that boat.
  9. by   bonnielilgirl
    Glad to know its not just me then...thanks again for well wishes and advice! Missy32 you are right, my friends are really helping me out now...they do understand!