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Alright new grads, I am a straight shooter and a bit of a cynic (I like to call myself a realist, personally) - but that is possibly why I scored myself an RN job with a residency, before I... Read More

  1. by   adventure780
    Yeah nowdays if a DON or ADON calls you for an interview it must mean they are really low on staff or they generally liked your application/ resume, however this is not a common occurence you have to keep applying and somehow get noticed to get a decent offer, also helps to have good references
  2. by   yap271
    Great Post!
    I got a job right away after obtaining my LPN Licence, Thank GOD!!

    I am in South Florida, after losing my legal assistant job in 2008 and not hope to find a job anywhere,
    I decided to go for a nursing Licence, it was hard because a lot of people had the same idea,
    anyway finally in April 2010 I started classes, the worst year of my life but in April 2011, pin ceremony,
    July 14th, 2011 passed the state test, July 15th check Craig list for jobs ads, I apply for a LPN job ad
    for a Diabetic gentleman, 10 minutes later he called me and we talk and he ask me to come for interview the day
    after, July 16th, go to his house for interview, July 17th he called me to offer me the job, I started working,
    very sick old man, very wealthy, Job was pretty much helping with medications, O2, Dr appts,nutrition, easy.
    He paid $125/day CASH. To me that was twice what I used to make as Legal assistant. weekends off.
    I work for him 6 months I paid all my debts and saved too,

    February 2012 we got on a fight because he wanted me to inject him double amounts of meds,
    I say ,,NO!! if something happens to the old man and I would be in big trouble! I quit!!

    Took a month Off,,went to my country visit my family wen to Grand canyon, to Vegas ,,had a great time.

    March 2011, came back to Florida to look for Job, I went to an agency,
    they send me to work for an old lady a week after, very sick, very difficult to work with Alzheimer dementia, abusive,
    no one would work with her, but she was OK with me, She takes lots of meds and I like this assignment,,SUPER easy ,
    my crazy patient is awesome!! I work 8hrs/day. weekends off,, I make around $700 week ,,not making a ton of money but I enjoy
    this job and have enough to put haft of my salary in my savings.

    So far that is my nursing career experience, its been a positive one
  3. by   KnightGal
    Thank you SO much for this advice, J. I am about to start my 2nd year of an ADN program, and the more I read, the more I get terrified of what's going to happen once I graduate. I love helping people, and I have a good GPA, but I hear so many people saying they can't find jobs that it spooks me! Like you, I have done a lot of caregiving in my personal life. Have taken care of sick parents since 2001, and have seen a lot of stuff I didn't like when it came to nursing. That's a big part of why I chose to enter nursing school at a relatively late age in life.
  4. by   A1973
    How can I get a job when all the nursing homes tell me they want someone with at least one year experience?! I cannot seem to get past the one year experience thing. The only experience I ever had in nursing was in clinicals and my experience was a few weeks in a nursing home and 2 months in a hospital. I need help! What do I do? How do I get past this? I offered to volunteer for a nursing home and they still say NO. How do I get my foot in the door with little experience? How?
  5. by   adventure780
    volunteer and ask your friends if they can put a word in for you, also I got my first nursing home job through careerbuilder, I barely had any experience when I landed that one, so there is hope
  6. by   INN_777
    Good for you and congrats on seeing your efforts pay off. And thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Very helpful.
  7. by   lulu19rj
    I just passed the boards and I am a RN now! I am an international nurse and graduated 4 years ago. The validation of my license took forever!!! I live in jacksonville, FL and I am looking for a job. Any tips? It seems like every lil job you need to have experience as a RN! How am I gone get experience if nobody gives me a chance?!?!
  8. by   Ashes172
    Thank you! Saving this for when the time comes
  9. by   Ilobekeme
    Great Article.
  10. by   harlow142
    Just a quick little intro - I am a pre-nursing student, got my bachelor's in Business, now rerouting to nursing and trying hard to get into a Direct-Entry Master's in Nursing program in S. California. I just wanted to say WOW -- what a great post. Even though I am only 26 and have little work experience, I truly believe in your philosophy. I have gotten several jobs in the past because of just walking in and introducing myself instead of sending off the online application to cyberspace. In this age of technology and electronic everything that we live in, people are starved for some human interaction and the way you describe making yourself stand out is right on the money, in my opinion. I am going to bookmark this post and refer back to it when I get closer to searching for a job, I think it alone will be the difference in getting a job right out of school and having to wait awhile. Being proactive and eager is key! Thanks for such an awesome --- long, but very important --- post, and whatever you are doing now, hopefully you are loving it! Cheers..
  11. by   apal87
    That is definitely a great start! Another thing you can try which worked very well for me was looking up clinics online (not on job websites) and writing a casual email saying you are interested in working there and asking if they are hiring. I got so many responses back with offers to come in and meet the manager and take a tour. I was very surprised but it was an amazing experience and ultimately landed me a job. The thing about hiring staff is that it takes a lot of time! Small clinics do not necessarily have the manpower so they really like when they find a great candidate by chance.
  12. by   whatarrythmia
    First of all, THANK YOU for starting this thread. We live in unfortunate times and it's very true that getting a degree does not guarantee you a job. Thanks for the tips!
  13. by   adventure780
    Word is that jobs are moving towards homecare, has anyone noticed this trend?