Honeymoon phase wears off after a year--job or not

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    So, I have come to the conclusion that the excitement of being a nurse and everything that goes with that newness wears off after a year...employed or unemployed.

    I still do not have a job and I am a year and almost 3 months out. I have become cynical and apathetic, I think. So, it is not nursing burnout.

    I truly just think the excitement wears off about a year out for everyone. Thoughts?

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    You have got to be terribly disappointed and discouraged - to the point of possible depression. Technically, it's not a honeymoon phase. You have to have been employed to experience the honeymoon phase, kinda like going thru Maslow or Kubler-Ross. You do it in steps or phases. It is similar in that your enthusiasm has been drained. But having said that, I truly feel for your disillusionment.

    I've had that feeling when I was between jobs. Apathy, cynicism - oh yeah! Despondent - most assuredly! Been there, done it!!! But I do hope that when you do succeed in getting that job, you'll feel some of that enthusiasm and excitement again. As long as I've been working , there's renewal with every new position. You notice I said WHEN, not IF.

    I do wish you luck as in your name.
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    I think one of my biggest fears is that not only do I not get a job, but if I do, would the excitement return? It scares me to think I am so exhausted that I am not excited about a nursing job.

    I am ok waiting for things. Unlike most new grads I am a year and three months out and almost 7 months into the job search post approval. So, it is not like expecting a job within two weeks after graduation. The truth is, time is not on my side. I am also dumping every dollar I make/have into something that may never happen. Sometimes, I truly think giving the license up would be helpful. I know in about 9 months or so, if I do not have a nursing job, I most likely am going to. That would put me at 2 years out.

    I like the idea of being able to relax as far as worrying if something would give me a false positive on a drug screen. I like the idea of maybe changing into a field where my mental health issues are not a big deal. I would be able to skip appointments if I could not pay for it.
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    I am a (very) experienced nurse -- sounds better than just saying "old", doesn't it?. Each time I started I job, I experienced the same type of enthusiasm and excitement... in some cases, it lasted quite a while. When it stops, I looked for ways to enhance that job t make it more interesting or if that was not possible, just looked for another job.

    I am a bit concerned about your comment about "being able to relax as far as worrying if something would give me a false positive on a drug screen". Are you self-medicating to deal with depression and the feeling of exhaustion? If so, please take action to engage some help. You have worked hard and accomplished so much. Please take care of yourself.
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    HouTx, no I am not drinking or doing any drugs. I get very worried that I will come out with a false positive (like a benign substance causing a positive) because my substance of choice was alcohol. I had alcohol abuse. Alcohol is in a lot of products, so it is very possible to get a false positive. Any sort of testing is on our dime. I am on a very tight budget. I do not have any extra to spare beyond very basic testing, let alone any false positives. As far as help, I learned my lesson the hard way. That's how I am in this situation.

    I am at the point where I am involved in other things and if it wasn't for the fact that I dropped so much money on HPMP, I would send my license back. I am not excited anymore. Time is passing and with every month, I am further and further out. I doubt it will happen and I hate how much money I spent for nothing.
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    I don't follow posters around but you've said in one of your threads that you're basically unemployed by choice. 'By Choice'. Your situation isn't like the other new grads on the board.
    You want to work in a specific place. You could get a job. You just don't want the ones available for *insert 100 different nonsensical reasons*.
    They were nonsensical. Now, it's 'I'm worried about getting popped on a random drug test'? You really think you're going to catch a false positive and 'loose' your license?

    What's at the heart of this? What's with the excuse-making?
    I'm not trying to put you down. Not trying to insult you.
    I'm saying: BE PRACTICAL. Get a job. Get on somewhere. What are the alternatives? 1 year and 3 months, you've sat on a perfectly good license/degree. Stay seated and you'll be an even less a viable option to employers than you are now.

    Are you wasting money? Yeah. Are you wasting your time, in general? Yes. You'd made it so...but that's your business.
    It's your career. A mess of your own creation.

    I'm at the year mark in august. My honeymoon phase took 6 months. The senior nurses have nicknamed me 'Jade'. LOL They're so silly....
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    I am unemployed somewhat by choice, in that no, I am not doing LTC. My area hospitals are on hiring freeze. I will move. I applied in other places, I get interviews, one or two jobs are outstanding, but no, I am not taking any job just to quit when something better comes along. Another thing people on here have to realize is I cannot work third shift per my contract. I think would actually like nights. I go on little sleep, but I cannot...not allowed.

    For the haters out there, do not follow me. I am just not the bright eyed bushy tailed new grad like everyone else. I never set out to be an inspiration to anyone, so sorry to disappoint. I can only tell what happened to me, both the highs and lows.

    Yeah, it is not just me that gets concerned over false positives...read the recovery forum. Plus, also, jobs have to be approved by HPMP. You do not just say that you are applying for XYZ job and ring, they call you with a job offer and you say ok. The monitoring people have to staff and approve a job. Then you come up with a work monitor. Most jobs do not want to deal with that.

    So, no, it is not as easy as people make it to be. If you do not like me, do not follow my posts and threads. I think it is odd that the same people who do not like me, follow me. Just don't. This board is for inspiration and vents and negativity. I did not put anyone down. I just think the excitement phase of nursing wears off job or no job.
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    OP, just curious, but why are you so adamantly opposed to working in LTC?
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    wendy, I just do not want to put myself in a situation where the patient load is unsafe to begin with and the whole losing licenses issues. The Board would probably look down on the safety issue even more with me already being in HPMP. I don't want to put myself in a very unsafe situation where I could possibly tangle with the Board again. Nice people they are, but no, I think one time was enough.

    Nothing against LTC nurses. Just I do not want to put myself in that situation. Just that. Nothing else. One go around was enough.
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    What I really wanted know with this thread is about the other new grads, with or without a job--did the honeymoon phase/excitement wear off after about a year either way? I think a year is about what it is for everyone.

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