Help! I need a job!!!

  1. Hey all - I have applied to a ton of nursing residencies and a few reg jobs. As a new nurse grad I'm having difficulty finding anyone that wants to hire me. What am I doing wrong?

    I have tailored my cover letters to specific units/hospitals... created a thorough resume. Is it really that difficult to get a new grad nursing job? I'm petrified as I have loans creeping up on me!!!
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  3. by   havemercy21
    I have done the exact same and have applied to about 100 positions. I've been turned down for more than half. This is definitely discouraging. How are we to get experience if no one will hire us new grads?!? Totally wish we had a nurse residency program like med students do.
  4. by   shicurls
    Don't be discouraged guys! There are nurse residency programs out there. If you are willing to relocate and don't have major obligations it would be a good idea to apply to residencies that you qualify for in different states. How are your resumes? Are they too wordy? Do you have any qualities that will stand out from other candidates? Maybe for the time being volunteer at clinics or hospitals as a stepping stone.
  5. by   GGBRN
    I volunteered at a hospital for ~ 7 months in school. A couple of my professors have complimented my resume... what is the deal? I wonder how many people actually apply for each residency position.

    My boyfriend and I graduated in the same cohort - he's had 3 interviews and has been declined from all 3 and his GPA is high. Just wonder when things will turn around or when the balance between supply and demand of nurses will level out. This is insane!

    I appreciate the responses! It's helpful
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  6. by   St_Claire
    Maybe take a look at long term care. The hospitals here insist on one year of nursing experience, any experience. I have a few friends that went this route then applied to the hospital a year later and were hired. Long term care pays more than the hospital and most take new grads willingly.
  7. by   Nurse_
    Ask your friends and classmates to refer you for a job. Ask your teachers for any referrals. Online application is only one way of getting a job. You can go to the unit manager for a unit and asked if there's any opportunities for you.

    Be active in your job hunt. Ask anyone, everyone if they have any leads. Reach out to people through linkedin or facebook. Twitter will sometimes post openings so make sure to know those hashtags like #newgradrn #rnI #rn1
  8. by   bigp71
    i thought about looking into long term care as well . my friend works at one and even some hospitals are not recognizing long term care as experience i was very disheartened to hear that
  9. by   dirtyhippiegirl
    We got roughly 110 applicants per nurse residency position (approx 60 spots) at the hospital I work at this year.