Frustrated New grad RN, cant find a job, HELP in Dallas, TX!

  1. I graduated recently in May, Took my boards in early July, every job seems to want one year or more of experience. how can i get that if i do not get hired by anyone. help pls, any tips would be very well appreciated.
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I'm also in the D/FW area (Fort Worth, to be precise). Unfortunately, the DFW-area job market has way too many new nurses competing for a very limited number of jobs. It's been this way for about three years.

    Are you applying for jobs outside the hospital setting? Everyone and their mother wants the prized hospital job, but nursing positions can be had at local nursing homes, hospices, home health agencies, private duty companies, psychiatric facilities, rehab centers, and other workplaces.
  4. by   omotzury
    Oh yes i have been, i have called psych places, rehab, skilled nursing homes, private duty, home health, name it i have called them all and they funny thing is when i call non hospital jobs, they tel me to try starting out at an hospital and the hospital isnt hiring either, something is wrong somewhere.
  5. by   mdgale
    Are you a nurse aide? What about working as a medical assistant at a physician's office? Do you have a BSN or ADN? If you have an associates degree, I would reccommend going into a bachelors program ASAP.
  6. by   omotzury
    I have an ADN,i start a bachelors program next month, i have already being accepted and all. Its really hard getting a job these days it ain't funny
  7. by   not.done.yet
    DFW is totally saturated. I graduated in December 2011 and there are still a few in my class who have not found work. For much of the class it took greater than six months and going well outside of DFW. I believe the hospital and facilities in Sherman will hire new grads, as will some of the home health companies that serve the more rural areas. Best of luck. It is very very rough out there.
  8. by   omotzury
    Thanks for the info, i checked with Sherman hospital and they are hiring, i did put in an application, so hoping to hear something soon.
  9. by   joannemairi
    I'm a new ADN grad in the DFW area. I got a job with Angels of Care Pediatric Home Health (they're based out of Howe, TX but do cases all over DFW). I work 40 hours a week and the pay is very good. They hired me right away and put me to work immediately.
  10. by   omotzury
    oooh that is awesome, i did have a case that i was going to possibly work with them but they said two other nurses were meeting with the patient's parent, i unfortunately heard back from them today that the parents picked one of the previous nurses but that if they had another case, they would call me. Thanks for the info and congrats on your job, i hope i get one too....sooon lol
  11. by   niteguy65
    Do not know if you are still looking for work but for a couple of traveling agencies that I am registered with, they are looking for nurses in the correction and that will give you some great expiernce, I am a great advocate for that type of nursing because they are always looking for nurses and you can learn without the pressure of causing harm if you make a mistake because most of your clients are "walkie talkies
  12. by   omotzury
    ooh really??? right now i am very open and will take any job i can lay my hands on. But i thought most travel agencies will not take you unless one has a year of experience in a particular area, i am a new grad with no experience, if this correlates with what you are saying, i would really appreciate you PMing me and giving me more info about this. Thanks so much and really appreciate the input.
  13. by   moncj66
    Glad to know im not the only one! Im trying to relocate to dallas and can't even get one interview, while my friends that are relocating to san antonio and even austin are getting jobs. I didn't know dallas was more competitive than houston!
  14. by   RN4L
    I am in the same situation, I graduated in May with a BSN and am still looking. Something will come up soon!