First RN job in SNF

  1. If my first RN position is in a SNF will I ever be able to get into a hospital? I want to work in acute care so badly but I've applied many times with no response. If I work in a SNF for awhile will a hospital ever hire me? For example is I have say 2 or 3 years of RN exp in a SNF but now want to work in a hospital...would have a chance?
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  3. by   RNsophia
    Yes, you will! After I graduated 2 years ago, like many new grads I couldn't find a hospital position. I got a job on the acute rehab side of a SNF and worked there for 9 mos. It gave me an amazing experience building my skills and particularly time management d/t the pt load. Then I landed a position on an inpatient rehab unit at a hospital (after working at a rehab SNF, this position was easily manageable). Now after a year working here for a year, I'm starting on a medical telemetry unit at the end of the month. Keep your mind open to opportunities. Even though this wasn't what you expected after graduating, I'm now a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. You might even be a better nurse because of it. Best of luck!
  4. by   TheCommuter
    When I applied to several acute care hospitals in 2010, all I had was four years of LTC/nursing home experience. Although I was hired at two out of the three hospitals where I applied, I remained at LTC because the starting pay at the hospitals in the area where I live is so very low. LTC actually pays more competitively in the city where I live.

    My point is that I was able to get hired at a hospital after having accrued several years of LTC experience.
  5. by   SarahLeeRN
    Yes, yes and yes! I worked in LTC right after graduation for two years....and when I started applying for hospital positions I got requests for interviews from each place I applied right away. I also had offers to 'Be sure and contact us if it doesn't work out' from places I declined after accepting a position.
    Any nursing job is a learning experience in my mind. I agree with the above..."Keep your mind open." My experience was that those early months after nursing school are so stressful anyway with the reality shock that any nursing job will at least help you cross that initial 6-month hurdle. I know that is not the common approach, but it worked for me. In my initial hospital after LTC position I felt so much more prepared and able to learn than I think I would have felt after nursing school-because those two years did give me some amount of nursing confidence-at least with who I was in the profession.
    I wish you all the best!
  6. by   amoLucia
    Who knows ---- you might actually like LTC and what we do!!!