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Hey guys, Well I just found out that I didn't get a job that I had 3 interviews for. I can't help but to just sit here and cry because I really thought that I got it! This is beyond... Read More

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    Good day:

    What I'm about to share is from the perspective of an employee seeking a job (non nursing; I've applied to nursing school recently though) as well as being in a position where I made hire decisions.

    1. Never give up.

    2. Always learn.

    If you had an interview, review in your mind and go over how the interview went. While you cannot go back in time, think what you need to remember to do differently next time. What can you improve? What needs to change?

    3. Whenever you get a an interview, if you've made the decision you want to work for the organization doing the interviewing, let them know at the end of the interview you want to work there.

    4. If you had an interview, always send a thank you follow up letter via regular mail.

    In the thank you letter, thank the person for their time using their name (did you grab a business card or otherwise write down the name(s) of the person interviewing you), let them know the key points you got out of the interview.

    Then list two to three reasons why you believe you are the right person for the job.

    End with your hope to hear from them. Be sure to include that you will follow up with them within x period of time where x should be two weeks or less.

    Of note, if you don't want the job, still send a thank you letter; but leave out why you are a fit for the job portion.

    5. Follow up.

    If you didn't get an interview, follow up asking to have an interview.

    For key places you want to work, follow up multiple times decreasing the number of follow ups over time. I.e. start off following up once a week for x weeks, then once every two weeks for y weeks, then once every four weeks for z weeks.

    6. If you don't get the job, BUT really wanted to work there or are just ... hmmm... I should have at least gotten an offer, call the person who interviewed you, thank them for their time... and now the tricky part... let them know you don't want to change their mind, but could they share why you didn't get the job as you are trying to grow and improve.

    While most will either not take the call or just give you kind words (that are lies rather than tell you how it is -- blunt), you will get the occassional person who will give you enough information so that you can learn, grow, and improve for the next interview.

    7. Keep track of everything -- dates for sending out applications; date, time, location, person's involved in the interview plus notes you took during the interview; follow up means and results, etc.

    Now from the employer hire side of the fence.

    * Thank you letters always impressed me. The person valued my time; the person really wants the job.

    * How confident was the person during the interview?

    * Did the person come across as being honest / a person of integrity?

    * Did the person blabber -- T.M.I. (too much information)?

    * If I asked hard questions, did they jump on those or give pause or fumble?

    * Where they passionate during the interview? Did they show passion for the job?

    * What did they dress like? Where they professional? Did they dress like they were going to a party or a date vs. an interview?

    * Why should I hire them vs. x number of applicants? What made this person stand out?

    There's more... but as you interview... remember human is human. We are all equal; be respectful and kind. Be yourself (hopefully that includes being respectful and kind).

    Thank you.
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    the right job will come your way. don't give up , when one door closes another opens. never give up !! keep trying and keep me posted !! someone will be very lucky to have you , the others who didn't take you are the loosers !!
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    3 interviews for one job seems like alot for them to make a final decision to not offer you the job. It would bother me, and make me want to know why they decided to go with someone else after having me come in 3 times. Almost as if they really wanted you, but decided not to take a chance on you, which is their loss like the previous poster said. I wouldn't be surprised if they keep your name on file for the next opening, though.

    When I was out of work, I applied to everything. When I started getting callbacks for interviews I had my pick of what I wanted to interview for. When I started getting job offers I had choices. Something good will happen for you. Keep the faith.
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    Thank you all. Each day is a day closer to the right job... that's how I have to look at it for now. I applied to several more jobs today. Like some of you are saying, I also thought that 3 interviews was a great sign and that it meant it would only be a matter of time before I was offered the job. I tried to call HR for feedback/constructive criticism, but no response. It's time for me to just move on...
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    @the smack Good luck to you, hang in there... I completely understand, trust me. I heard that the job market for new nurses in FL isn't that great, same for NY (where I'm from). I'm gonna keep applying and I'll try volunteering at hospitals, if anything it'll help me meet the right people... Check nurse.com every now and then for job fairs too -- http://www.nurse.com/events/career-fairs.

    @lisy321 Good luck, hang in there... try taking a nurse refresher course so that you can remain competitive in today's market. If a year passes and I still don't have a job, that's what I'm gonna do.
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    Quote from yourstrulyjmc
    Hey guys,

    Well I just found out that I didn't get a job that I had 3 interviews for. I can't help but to just sit here and cry because I really thought that I got it! This is beyond disappointing... If I would've known it was gonna be this hard to get a job in nursing, I may have reconsidered my major 4 years ago. I still have to pay off $30,000+ in loans like pretty much all the rest of us new grads. I'm not even a new, new grad. I'm an old, May 2012 "new" grad. This definitely took a stab to my self esteem, I'm not gonna lie.

    Tomorrow I'm interviewing for a part time Tele position at the hospital I work at now as a CNA. A friend of mine, another CNA, interviewed already for that job last week, whose dad works as a nursing supervisor there. I feel like she'll get it, but you never know. I'll be happy for her, but I'll be a lot happier if I get it. I just feel so discouraged.
    Is it possible for you to move to another state or city to find employment?
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    Keep plugging away. It's great you are getting interviews! Before you know it, you will be offered a position. It's very competitive out there.
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    @BlackMurse1 Yes, I'm willing to relocate.
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    Chin up my dear! Something good will come along very soon.
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    Hang in there. There are some jobs in Bay County, Florida. Two hospitals. Try applying online. It's not close to Miami but might be worth it.
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