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I applied to the Med Surg unit at a local hospital. Last week, a recruiter called me and asked me to an interview. I was sooo excited at first, until I asked her who will be at the interview she told me it was the DON of... Read More

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    Quote from miniangel729
    To make sure the message get to the recruiter in time, I sent an email. Thanked her, very briefly touched on why I declined the interview in a sentence, expressed my goal/desire units & interest for the hospital, asked for another chance. Ended with thanking her again. kept it short and to the point. She replied "Thank you." ha.. well I did my part! pray and hope for the best, if not.. it's not the end of the world.. lol thank u all again~
    Looks like you cleaned up nicely. I really hope something comes for you soon. Its so upsetting that one mis-step can affect you so much. (especially when it has nothing to do with your actual job!)
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    Yeah, that was bad. The recruiter probably called to confirm on the off chance it'd been a miscommunication and you did want to interview. Even if it wasn't your area of interest, it would have been good practice to interview. And what if this is the only shot they give you? You could have taken the job, and later transferred within the hospital to another unit. Or discovered that you actually like women's health after all. Live and learn I guess.

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