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Hey all, I was thinking of applying to jobs on craigslist, of course blocking out my personal information. Has any new grad tried craigslist and got a decent job? Any thoughts on the idea?... Read More

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    There is everything on Craigslist, good and bad. Beware of people trying to take advantage of desperate job seekers i.e. RN new grads.
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    I post job openings on Craiglist all the time. It's quick and free! I've gotten some good nurses and CNAs through Craigslist.
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    I found my current RN job (and I'm a New Grad!) through CL and had success with all of the RN positions I applied to through there. I just made sure to remove my address when I submitted my resume and cover letter, I was not comfortable leaving them on there. I was contacted through email to schedule interviews. Good luck and give it a try, like with anything, be careful and use your common sense!
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    Smaller employers often advertise on Craigslist because of the cost factor. Other websites like careerbuilder and indeed are more expensive. I found my current job on Craigslist and it is more than legit.
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    I found mine on CL too, it just had a link to the company employment page. It's a cheap way for places to get word out that they're hiring.
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    I applied to a few jobs through CL but never heard back. What DID help me was posting my resume on A doctor contacted me, we interviewed, and the rest is history....
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    Craiglist offers some excellent job opportunities! I got a job 3+ years ago as Wellness Nurse at an amazing Memory Care community and I am now Wellness Director. I love my job! You will find something there. Good luck!
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    It couldn't hurt and may turn up something.

    Just remember that anyone can post on Craigslist: there is no screening of listings, no verification of employers...and no liability on the part of Craigslist should things go wrong. So be cautious. If something sounds too good to be true, especially to a new grad...99% of the time, it probably is.

    Some people have done well on CL. Some have had no luck. Some have gotten scammed. Essentially, you job hunt on CL at your own risk.

    Best of luck.
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    I'm a new grad, I have applied to about 30 jobs. Only received 2 phone calls. Both were from Craigslist.
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    I know 2 people who just got jobs through CL!

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