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  1. Clarifying rules and job duties

    Depends on your facility. At ours, you do not need to be an assistant first, though many people work up to CRC. Assistants have no special qualifications. They help with studies, data entry, and with regulatory paperwork, but the CRC/research nurs...
  2. nurse for 15 years and I feel like a fraud

    You absolutely should take a look at Oncology research. You'll use your brain and develop a whole new knowledge bank, but you don't have to make critical decisions on the fly. I'm very type A, want to do everything perfectly, get very anxious under...
  3. Don't write it off yet. One job, I had interviewed with that manager previously. Didn't get it, but she strongly encouraged me to apply again when I had a little more experience. Next time a spot came up, I applied, and emailed her to let her know...
  4. RN Volunteer Opportunities

    See if you have a local Medical Reserve Corps. Ours is run through the Dept. of Health as part of the Emergency Management section, and provides volunteers for events and emergencies. Tons of variety - blood pressure screenings, vaccine clinics, eve...
  5. Pregnancy/Newborn during nursing school

    It's doable, if you have a good support system & everything goes well with the pregnancy & birth - which is not a guarantee. I started my ASN pregnant with my first, already had all my gen ed classes under my belt, so was able to take 10 wee...
  6. Tips for securing this opportunity

    The CITI program (CITIprogram.org) looks good - the CRC Foundations & Advanced courses together are $300. One of my co-workers did this program: Online Training for Clinical Research Coordinator l June 218 Batch and was very happy with it. SOCR...
  7. Tips for securing this opportunity

    Hi Quendi - I came into clinical research nursing with a lab background that included clinical research, followed by nursing experience. I emphasized exactly what you did - I already knew how a protocol worked, was familiar with the IRB, etc. You c...
  8. Questions for clinical research RNs

    Good luck! It's a pretty steep learning curve at first. Feel free to PM me if you have any other questions
  9. Questions for clinical research RNs

    I've been a clinical research nurse (oncology as well) for just over 2 years, and I love it. Don't get me wrong - there's still frustration, occasional boredom, sometimes going from bored to frantic very quickly. I don't miss 12 hour shifts at the ...
  10. LPN, RN or OTA?

    Like everything else, it depends on you, but it is entirely possible. During nursing school I was pregnant, then in school with a baby, then pregnant with a toddler. Yup, I was tired a lot, but I made it through with a high B average. As for find...
  11. Did you take a risk?

    I moved into oncology clinical research. I still work with patients as I enroll them on clinical research trials and follow them throughout the protocol, but a lot of what I do is administrative. It's still a lot of work, but more intellectual, les...
  12. MCI VA Beach

    I graduated there in 2012. Overall, the program was decent. Most of our instructors were great, although I know several have left. After talking with other folks, I don't think it was significantly better or worse than any other in the area. Our ...
  13. When You Request I Switch Shifts with You

    Ah, gotcha, that's not how it sounded from the first post.
  14. When You Request I Switch Shifts with You

    I always try to set up both swap days at the same time to avoid that kind of issue. If I'm the one needing a favor, I always offer to take any day that they want off. Normally, however, if I need a day off I just approach the per diem nurses. I've ...
  15. Nurses who are mothers to small children.

    I'm working 2 12hr nights a week, and get tons of time with my kiddos! I do have basically 2.5 days out of the week where I sleep, but we have dinner together before I go to work, and I see them a little in the AM. That also gives me 4 full days to...