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Accelerated bsn programs are an innovative approach to nursing education, available for individuals who hold a non-nursing bachelorís or higher degree and who are interested in moving into the field of nursing. Approximately 205... Read More

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    Can I ask you where you went to school and what types of jobs did you hold?

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    I just graduated with a non nursing bachelors degree and I'm about to apply to ten accelerated BSN programs that begin in January. My overall GPA is pretty good but my pre requisites for nursing school are not the best and I got a C in a few of them and A's and B's in the others. All of the schools I am applying to claim they accept students with pre requisites of C or better but I'm worried that I won't get in anywhere because of those C's. I went to a scientific research school and believe that nursing schools know the sciences at my school are very challenging and competitive, so that along with my overall GPA, and my good writing skills, plus my experience woking in an ER as a physicians scribe, I feel like I would be the type of student with some C's in my pre requisites that they would accept - but still, I have no confidence and need some honest opinions on whether you think I could get in or not. I'm afraid to spend the time and money applying to so many schools, just to get rejected from all of them in the end. Should I re-take the pre requisites that I got C's in? I know that some schools look down on that. I find it hard to believe that if the schools say that C's are the required minimum grades that they don't accept some students with C's, right? I'm extremely stressed and worried about this. Any advice will help! Thanks.
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    Here's my opinion, and it's just that -- my opinion. Ten schools may be too many to apply to; that's a lot of application fees and an enormous amount of energy you'll have to spend. I would suggest cutting that list down to the schools you are *really* interested in and feel you would be a good "fit" for. Contact the admissions officer at each school left on the list. Explain your concerns and ask for their honest opinion. Most, if not all, will tell you if you have a chance of getting in to their program. I just finished an accelerated BSN, and I do know that admissions is highly competitive. You mention your other strengths (scribe job, etc.), so ask the admissions officer if that will weigh in your favor when you apply. Also, ask if there is a course you might take in the Fall that would strengthen your application.

    You may want ask each school how many applications they get and how many students they accept. That may give you a hint about the competitiveness of each school. If a school only accepts a small percentage of its applicants, you can bet they have a pretty high GPA cutoff to help them quickly eliminate candidates who don't meet their criteria.

    Good luck!
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    Looking for a bit of advice out there....I am thinking of getting into nursing and it seems like the Accelerated BSN program may work out well for my situation. For those of you who attended or are attending the Texas Tech program or the Texas State program how long did it take from beginning to end, including pre-reqs, etc... It has been over 10 years since I got my BA and I am interested in what you all did to fullfill the pre-reqs. Also, how is job market looking for you all? What are you hearing about gettting hired after you complete the program? I am hearing about over saturation on nurses esp. in central Tx and I am hesitant to spend $ on tution and then have trouble getting work. Any other input would be great!! Thanks!!
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    I have a question, and I hope the community can help. I have a BA in Psychology, and I am interested in becoming a nurse. I was in an nursing BSN program back in 2008, with one semester left, but I missed completing the program by one point in two of the classes (mental health and critical care). Its not that I didn't understand the information or didn't know it, it was just my test taking that caused me not to be successful in completion of the program. On top of that I moved to a different state, and so I lost all my nursing credits, meaning I have to start all over again, if another program affords me the opportunity, in which I am hoping. So I decided to go with my minor, psychology, and I have finished that recently. I am ready to try nursing again, if I can get into a program. What I would like to know is given my history would an accelerated nursing BSN program be ideal for a person in my situation or should I go with the 2yr BSN program? I feel once Im in, it would be like a refresher since I have been through a BSN program before, so I should do very well this time around. I just want some advice on what would be the smart thing to do.
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    RN 2 BE, with your history, an accelerated program isn't logical or wise. Plus it is unlikely an accelerated BSN program would accept you.

    You might want to consider a 2 year BSN program that has an option to get an LVN after one year. If you had been in such a program, you'd have something to show for your efforts. If you entered such a program, getting the LVN doesn't mean you stop your studies. You continue for the second year until you get the RN. If things don't go well in the second year, at least you have the LVN.
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    As someone who just finished an accelerated program, I have to agree with jpchouston. You are unlikely to get accepted and you might get frustrated with the intense pace of an ABSN. Be kind to yourself and go for a 2-year program where you'll have more time to study.
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    I agree w/ JPchouston. I did the LVN when I temporarily suspended my RN study...I had an excellent Dean of Nursing and she was the best suportive and wise woman, and adviced me to go to the LVN for one semester, and I was done. I was able to work w/ the LVN license , and believe me there were some pluses , since in some places they will hire the LVN instead of an RN as a cost effective steps in their budgets. Llater on I decided to go back and finish the RN. I too have a Bachelors in Arts of Journalism. We do not stop learning, and our interests may vary and change as time goes on.
    In your case , when you decide to go for your Masters--- your bachelors in Psychology should really catapult you in the Masters of Mental Health, as an RN!
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    Quote from pgold
    Hi everyone. I am just curious if any of you have a knowledge of how intense are the ABSN programs in South Florida?
    I am accepted in the ABSN in January of 2011 Barry University/Miami ( 15 months ),but i can also do the regular BSN which starts in August of this year. I am trying to make up my mind which one will fit my needs better!
    Congratulations on being accepted at Barry! I have 2 degrees from there and would like to get my nursing degree there as well but have no idea what to expect. My CPR card expired so I would have to do that again, plus check my vaccines. This stuff I know but the rest of it is what I am clueless about.

    What GPA do you have if you don't mind me asking?

    Did you have to take the TEAS or HESI test?

    I was thinking the accelerated but would consider the generic as well. I just want to get in but I wouldn't be able to start until 2012. Still finishing my pre-req's as I am also applying to MDC and was told after 10 years you need to take them over again.

    If you can give me the low down about the whole process I would greatly appreciate it, especially how GPA is factored in.

    On there website I see their pre-requisites, so are only those classes calculated into the GPA or your whole degree?

    Thank you!!
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    Dear all,
    I' m looking for an easy and non expensive online RN to BSN program . Sorry if I m changing the subject.
    Best regards to all.

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