working out your notice on minimum wage

  1. I read a posted notification this week regarding changes in the employee handbook. The new policy requires ALL RNs and LPNs to provide a 4 week notice regardless of their specific position (floor nurse vs. management). It goes on to say that should an employee leave prior to the completion of their 4 weeks notice they will be compensated for all hours worked toward their 4wk obligation on their final paycheck, BUT the hourly rate would fall to minimum wage for the hours worked.

    Now I read this notice like 3-4 times because my jaw was touching the floor. I questioned myself how this could be possible, but obviously it is something they have the right to do regardless. My next thoughts were more of gratitude that this isn't my full-time job. I would have thought they'd be obligated to pay you what they had agreed upon when you were hired, but again I guess I am wrong.

    Note to self: if and when I quit taking shifts at this place it could very well be better to just stop accepting shifts and get wrote off the schedule.

    Has anyone heard of people doing this before?? I've never heard of a non-management person being required to give more than the standard 2 weeks. I've certainly not heard of anyone slashing your paycheck if you fail to give full notice. Well it also says it would affect your rehire status...but I doubt anyone would be concerned with that after they took their check:angryfire.
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  3. by   pca_85
    First place I worked did that to every employee if they gave less then a two week notice and if they were fired. Four weeks is a bit much though
  4. by   GooeyRN
    wow that's harsh.
  5. by   caroladybelle
    Actually 4 weeks/30 days notice is standard in many areas, especially for is part of that "professional" thing.

    But the minimum wage thing....that is too much.

    I would think that would just encourage people to quit after they get their check for their last pay period and before they work any more hours, so they don't get shorted pay for hours worked. What a disincentative.
  6. by   caliotter3
    I've read about the minimum wage thing before, but have never taken it seriously. I sure wouldn't work out any notice on minimum wage.
  7. by   Caffeinated
    Quote from pca_85
    First place I worked did that to every employee if they gave less then a two week notice and if they were fired.
    Oh wow so they paid people who are fired on minimum wage too.
    I was wondering what they'd do if no notice was given or if they terminated you, but I guess I'll assume its minimum wage on the final paycheck if you don't do the months notice. It doesn't say anything specifically about being fired specifically though.

    I've never been fired, but I have failed to give 2wks notice before in a job that I absolutely loathed and that I had only been at for a few weeks. Regardless, this rule just makes me extremely apprehensive about working for this company.
  8. by   VivaLasViejas
    I've never heard of such a thing, and indeed wouldn't work for a company where this is the policy. WOW.
  9. by   NRSKarenRN
    Yes 4 week is standard resignation notice for professional staff.
    My employeer requires notice equal to # weeks vacation eligible.

    Highly suspect minimum wage comment = minimum salary wage for pay grade: won't receive shift differential, overtime, final pay out monies due if less than required notice given.
  10. by   llg
    It's pretty standard for employers to not pay people for their unused vacation time if they fail to give proper notice of resignation. But this is the first I have heard of hours actually worked being paid at minimum wage. They must have had several nurses fail to give proper notice to go to that extreme.