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Agency - Agency Nursing is essentially where a nurse will register or sign up with an agency or similar group and tell them what hours they are available to work. The nurses are then contacted and offered work on a shift to shift... Read More

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    I've always wondered what I could be later part of my nursing career.
    One of the most helpful information I've ever encountered!
    Thanks so much for it!

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    Hey JJK, I saw that you work in the surgical unit. I am a semester away from starting the nursing program at my college, it is an Associates of Applied Science in Nursing degree, and that is the field I want to enter once I get my RN license. I was wondering if you could give me some information on joining the surgical team. Do I need a BSN, or ER/ICU experience? Or do fresh RNs get hired?Do you have Your CNOR? I would like to get certified eventually, but experience is required, which goes back to my question above.Any other advise would greatly appreciated! I am very excited about my carrier choice.
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    Thanx Mona! Because of your list I now know that I want to go into critical, emergency and cardiac care!
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    Thanks Mona. I'm glad I found this link. I was doing research as well. I was just accepted into an ADN program. Nursing is a second career for me also.
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    Thanks everyone for adding other areas of nursing as well! This has been so useful.

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