Still Very Anxious Working as a Nurse After Three Years - page 2

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I've been a RN for over three years and am still very fearful about working as a nurse. Before I go into work I can't stop thinking about making possible mistakes and who will think that I am incompetent. It seems I lack self... Read More

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    It's such a huge irony. Nurses are full of empathy for everyone but their own co-workers. The idea that your colleagues are keeping an eye on you . . . and reporting to your supervisor . . . is deplorable. I don't have any sage advice, just wanted you to know that we understand what you're going through.

    It's always a very wise idea to keep a very firm boundary between personal issues & work - divulging only what you must - especially for mental health issues. Many BONs (mine included) tend to treat psych issues like substance abuse... with mandatory evaluation & strict oversight. I have a dear friend who ended up in that bind after admitting to a bout of post natal depression on her license renewal. It's a scary place - where the slightest slip-up may be attributed to mental instability which would have a negative impact on your license.

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