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I'm a new grad RN with past LPN exp. hired to work in CVICU a few months ago. Well, I've been off my internship for 2 months now and was told today my the NM that there have been several complaints about my patient care and I... Read More

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    People say, instructors included, that is best to have at least one year of med-surg experience under your belt before moving onto specialties or high acuity care like ICU. I would resign before being terminating. ICU for a new grad is tough, especially when you are just trying to figure out the workings of being a nurse.

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    Agree with the posters above who say this facility wants to keep you as an rn. Take the move, grow & learn.

    If they want you out, they're not going to offer a transfer. Look at it as a door opening.

    Good luck.
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    Quote from OnlybyHisgraceRN
    I'm a new grad RN with past LPN exp. hired to work in CVICU a few months ago. Well, I've been off my internship for 2 months now and was told today my the NM that there have been several complaints about my patient care and I have two weeks to improve or I'll be asked to go to step down, medsurg or tele.

    In my heart I don't see myself as a ICU nurse and never have. My passion have always been maternity. However, I wanted the experience and needed a job. Besides what new grad would pass up such a great opportunity.

    Anyway, after hearing the news I was devastated. What hurts the most is that I'm seen as incompetent. I feel like a failure.
    My plan is to speak to the nurse recruiter tomorrow to see if I can transfer to another unit of my desire and if not I will be resigning.

    There is so much more to this story but this is the bulk of it. What do you all think?
    I have been in your place twice with the old job and new job. Old job I ended up quiting (didn't like working there anyway) and thanks God I got a new one. I am working in med/surg and recently was told I had more than several patients complaints about not communicating enough with them. I felt I did and I agreed with one of the posters it is subjective. We as nurses do our best, especially those who care and love their job. I love my job and everyday on the job I give my all and very best. That is all I can do. I say take another position in this same hospital if it is offerred. If I were I would go to med/surg first then transfer to your dream job. Do not leave or resign hoping to find another job in different hospital in this economy. It is tough out there for new grad. Trust us! We have been there before you.
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    From what you write, your post title should actually read "quit now or transfer to another unit." 2 weeks is not enough time to find a job at another facility, so accept a transfer to another department and if you hate it, job hunt while employed and paying your bills.
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    Don't quit if you don't have something else. Jobs aren't that easy to find, and it looks better for you to be able to say, "my current job isn't a good fit," rather than to say or have your resignation imply that you couldn't stand it so much that you left....
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    IMO, you'd be foolish to resign if they're willing to move you to another unit - even one you don't like.

    You're shooting yourself in the foot by resigning and *trying* to embark on a job hunt which may be much harder than you realize.

    Suck it up, take one of the other positions, do your time, grow, learn, and then try to get into OB if that's where your heart leads you.

    Changing jobs a few months after starting looks really bad on a resume, not something that you want to be carrying around in these times.
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    Do you provide substandard care to patients because you don't like this specialty? You may or may not like your job. It's okay, and it doesn't matter to the manager. What matters is your care. Not liking the job is never an excuse to providing poor patient care. No, I am not accusing you with incompetency or anything, as I don't know the details. It may be subjective, or it may be like what I first said. I saw new hires doing a very poor job with patients and the staff only because they don't like the job. No, nobody has such a right. If you don't like this job to the point that you don't provide the care the patients need, quit now. If it is not the case, you are doing your best even though you don't like it, and if the complaints are a total surprise for you, then ignore this post. Good luck.
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    Work med-surg for a year then if you still want to work in Maternal Health go for that. Some units will not hire you unless you have a years experience in nursing. You have a place of employment now. Jobs are hard to come by. If you decide to leave--line up another job first. I started my career in ICU--loved it but it was overwhelming and thinking back kinda wish I had done med-surg first to give me a good knowledge base and learn to prioritize better. I did work L&D, OB, Postpartum, nursery, NICU. I loved it, but like any other unit it had its stressors and I had burnout after several years. Good Luck to you, hang in there.
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    I worked in CVRU/ CVICU as a seasoned nurse and can tell you there is no tougher learning curve. I have seen seasoned ICU nurses cry when faced with all the extra equipment.

    Yes, you hurt I hear you. This is NOT the time to quit. A very hard call and a difficult lesson to learn so early in your career . So drag yourself together. You have 2 weeks to find out the issues,redeem yourself and emerge stronger and wiser. Avoid telling every staff member what happened and I understand the temptation.

    Learn the lessons now on how to improve so you won't make the same mistakes again.

    Failure is only failure if you refuse to get up. If you stuck CVICU you are already a tough cookie. Own it!

    It's only a few weeks. Courage is not the absence of fear but despite the fear continuing.
    You can do this !!!
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    deep breath... i know it's hard, but you need the experience as a new grad...

    after suffering in this year, when u have more experience you can go anywhere else.
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