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After 10 years of dreaming of going back to nursing school, I was just about ready to take the plunge. That is until I came to this board. I have read so many comments from RNs who are very dissatisfied with their chosen... Read More

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    After 24 years as a nurse I would not go do anything else.I almost did not go to the meeting the college was having but an old friend of mine who had been an LVN for 20 years talked me into it.I have tried a few different aspects of nursing and have settled in the OR(23 yrs!).You do have to ask yourself why you want to go into nursing.Be honest and don't try to talk yourself into it.There are more positive points than negative ones.You will go home sometimes and wonder why you put yourself through so much, but then there will be the little things you do for patients that will make you smile.Find your little niche in nursing and stay with it because we need more nurses that like what they do more than the ones who whine constantly about the things that will take along time to change.Good luck with your decision and I hope you make the one that will make you happy. Mike

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    I've been in 3 different OB-GYN settings in 7 years. I love nursing. I feel fortunate because while most people hate their jobs, I am happy to go to my job every day. Like any field, there are problems, drudgery, and crappy days, but overall, nursing is the best and cheapest investment I have made!
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    I will tell you the truth. I left the business world to help the sick by becoming a nurse. I was terribly discouraged and disappointed to find that health care is big business and that affects nursing in a lot of ways. Nursing is in turmoil now due to mandatory overtime and inappropriate staffing levels. I do not know a nurse who is really sorry she/he is a nurse. It is our chosen profession. The problem is, in many instances, we cannot perform in the prudent and judicious way we have been trained and would prefer. Unfortunately, when you have a license, you have total responsibility for that license. This can put you at risk. In business, a bad business deal is a bad day. In nursing, a bad case is a patient who has been harmed and/or a lawsuit. To enter into this profession is not to be taken lightly and only if you really feel a callling for it. I did as did the other nurses on this board.
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    Ater 30 years of nursing, I can honestly say that I get a great deal of satisfaction from knowing that I have made a difference, and been able to help someone. I think it takes a special kind of person to make a good nurse.The first requirement is a great sense of humor! Nobody wants to feel miserable, and have a "miserable" nurse looking after them. A great smile does wonders for the grumpiest of patients, and I see this as a great challenge. The second is being warm and friendly, and being able to "touch" your patients....a hand held, a pat on the shoulder,... time to listen. Unfortunately, all the university training in the world cannot teach these fundamentals! In case you think this is old hat, I have just completed my bachelor of nursing degree, after being an RN for over 30 years!
    So if you have been thinking about this for 10 years, then go for it!


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    Wow, I love all the positive things! Let's add some more!
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    Love it love it love it. Could not imagne doing anything else.
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    Hi Winnie,
    I really believe happiness really depends on each individual. I just recently changed fields and am now a Hospice nurse. My whole outlook on my profession changed. Now I know that I was meant to be a nurse. I love my new position. Nursing is now my passion. Nurses that are not happy and feel overworked need to get out of the "comfort zone" and find a different path. You have MANY options as a nurse and there should be no reason to be unhappy with what we worked so hard to become.
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    I like nursing. Some things are terribly hard to deal with and I like to vent about them here, but I can't imagine doing anything else. There are rewards that make the pay and politics tolerable
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    I work 12 hours in med/surg, telemetry, or critical care. The patients are my only priority. Come end of report I realize I didn't have a meal break, have to pee, and feet hurt.
    BUT, someone was helped by my work. It may be less physical or mental suffering, perhaps I helped save a life for an entire family, maybe I listened and cared when it was needed, sometimes I even get to hear the magic words,
    "Thank you nurse."
    Nothing could be better as I stagger to my car.
    PS: I have been privileged to have worked almost one hundred thousand hours of bedside nursing.
    It is a useful life to be proud of. Nurses make wonderful friends too.
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    I have been a Nurse for 24 1/2 years. A VERY long time. When I started Travel Nursing 2 1/ years ago, I fell in love with this profession all over again!

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