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I was just hired for my first RN job in pediatric office. Today was my first day! I was soo excited and my family was so proud of me. I had so many people congratulate me for my job offer this weekend and wished me luck. I went... Read More

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    Thanks everyone!

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    I just started my first semester in nursing school this week, I'm not sure if this is a new practice or what but we were assigned to do 3 test on ACE Passport, being a requirement to enter clinicals. Each one had about a 45 minute presentation/powerpoint (it was all online) and the last test was all OSHA related. We only had two chances to pass it, if we did not pass we were not allowed to go to any clinical site!
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    That totally sucks!! It is difficult enough to find a nursing job and then to have been let go because of this. I feel your pain and I wish you all the best. The only thing you can do is put on your big girl panties and move forward. Go get em!!!

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