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    I am recently applied for a job and interviewed with the nurse manager for a per diem job. the interview went well. Following that, they sent me an email to check references. My references are solid. I have been a nurse since 1995.
    I have not heard back from them at all folllowing the references. this was completed on December 17th. I sent an email to the nurse manager and the HR rep. I have not heard back yet at all.
    Would a job typically tell you that you were not hired? im starting to think this doesnt look good. Is this time frame too long?
    any advice is helpful

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    That is a long time to not hear. I'd be giving them a phone call and don't stop until you hear least if you really want the job, that is. If it's per diem,they probably aren't in a big hurry to hire. I'd definitely call.
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    Not sure where you live, but there's such an oversaturation of nurses here that you won't get a call back unless you're officially hired. They have hundreds of people applying to each job and just don't have the time to call each "no" person. On the other hand, though, they could still be interviewing and haven't made a decision yet. I'd wait a week after the email then call to follow up. You want to seem interested but not annoying and jamming the HR inbox.
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    I Live in NYThe position is for a NICU that is swamped!!! The nurse manager was saying they are sooo busy and need nurses badly! I have 13 years of NICU experience. She actually emailed me to come for an interview. was saying she wanted me to start in January I'm going to wait until next week and then call. I'm starting to lose hope. The job market is really hard here. Even with so much experience it's very hard to get a job in a hospital.
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    Call the manager directly, now, and leave a message on her voicemail saying you will call on Monday morning. Sometimes HR screws up and she is wondering where the heck you are. Say how much you enjoyed meeting her and that you wanted to start in January to meet her needs. Then wait to see what she says.

    Good luck!
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    2-3 weeks is becoming the normal. I remember when you heard the same day
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    I have been asked straight away. for instance after talking with my current director I knew before the end of the interview the job was mine. My first job took a few weeks.
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    Thank u for your responses. I will call the nurse manager MondayThe interview was December 5th, and references done by the 17. Im still hoping until they say no...She has been so good in responding to emails it's weird she didn't respond this time.
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    Any news?

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