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I am recently applied for a job and interviewed with the nurse manager for a per diem job. the interview went well. Following that, they sent me an email to check references. My references are solid. I have been a nurse since... Read More

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    Im in this boat right now, I interviewed 1 week ago....they said they'd get back to us early this week. I called them on Tuesday to show Im eager and I feel like calling tomorrow too because I dont want to spend my weekend wondering (although Im a little reluctant since I called once already)

    I wish they'd tell us already since classes are scheduled to start in 2 weeks...

    *fingers crossed*

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    My situation is similar. I'm a student in a hospital where I applied, got the interview, was phoned to come back for a shadow (which is required for every position). Upon leaving, the Director told me that she would be making a decision early the next week. I didnt schedule my shadow until the week after due to my job. i went to the shadow and one of the people who interviewed me in the group recognized me and asked me if it was my first day. I replied that I was here for my shadow. About a week later, after not hearing anything, I emailed the director, thanked her for the interview, explained that I enjoyed and learned a lot during the shadow and am still very interested in the job. I haven't heard anything. Also, I will mention that there has been no status change on my job application online. What if anything, should i do next?

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