Ineligible for rehire

  1. I put in my two weeks and followed through with it. Is it legal to deem me ineligible for rehire?
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  3. by   Sun0408
    It depends, were you on orientation? If you leave while on orientation many will mark you as that. What is the policy about giving notice? The hospitals I have worked at were 4 weeks notice.

    Can you give a little more details??
  4. by   053108
    Well, i had been there for 2 years. Missed one week last year for surgery. Never was late, called in once due to weather and had proof (picture) of a tree blocking my way out for that one. Always on time, worked great with others, never any complaints that I am aware of. I always got good emails about how well I done my job. I gave two weeks and that is what is required by that particular hospital. I worked great for my first boss then a new one took over. Well, the last 7 months I was part time for her. I don't think she cared too much for me. You know, you have that gut feeling that is usually right. I never gave her reason to dislike me. I gave a letter of resignation. I have military background, lots of job experience and never been ineligible for rehire. It was a shock to me. Is this enough info? I have contacted HR to give me the reason as to why I am ineligible but they have yet to contact me back.
  5. by   Sun0408
    If you worked all of your notice, etc.. I would fight this, maybe the NM is saying something different to HR. I might go in to HR personally as see what's up..
  6. by   amoLucia
    Sometimes, "NOT eligible for rehire" is standard policy for some facilities regardless of an employee's past employment record, good or bad. It depends on your facility.

    Way back in 'the ole days', when I would request references, I would specifically ASK if that was the facility's policy or NOT. If that WAS their policy, so be it. If it WASN'T, I would usually be met with a moment of silence. Translated = something negative, but not discuss-able.

    The reason could have been something like not giving enough notice time, poor attendance, performance issues, quitting just after being hired & post orientation, etc. Anything.

    So, you need to know if if it is the policy or not
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  7. by   TheCommuter
    Employers are not obligated by law to render you eligible for rehire, even if you were an acceptable employee and fulfilled your two-week notice.

    Also, many people are unaware that bad references are perfectly legal as long as the former boss, supervisor, HR manager, or coworker who provides the reference is exchanging factual, objective information about you.
  8. by   053108
    So, I know I'm a good worker. I don't need anyone to tell me. I don't brag, but I was raised to work my butt off and have ever since I was a youngin. So, My next question would be: Since this lady I worked for was from a staffing agency for the hospital and I didn't work for one specific department, could I use the managers I worked for as reference since I got good references from them? Would that be legal? I mean, my boss never stepped foot on a floor, she sat behind a desk and that was that. She never seen my performance personally; only got info from who I worked for (where I was sent to for the day.) I would always get the emails forwarded to me because if someone requested to have you back there, it was up to you in the end. I hope this is making sense. I worked for a staffing company that staffed that particular company only. I was sort of a travel intern, I guess. I worked for 4 other hospitals but one in particular since it was closer to where I live. Anyway, could I use the managers I worked for instead of my former boss as references? In my opinion, they would know more than someone who has never seen me perform or done a real evaluation on me.
  9. by   HM-8404
    One thing you need to find out is if this company has rehired a previous employee. Many companies have a policy where they do not rehire former employees, regardless of their work history.
  10. by   LadyFree28
    I would use the previous managers that I worked for. They were able to see the work that you find and were satisfied with your work. Even if you are interviewing for another company, your previous company can only VERIFY that you worked there, regardless of what your boss thinks...and if you have those good, competent reviews from the managers that you worked for, then you will be ahead of the game.
  11. by   elkpark
    Quote from LadyFree28
    Even if you are interviewing for another company, your previous company can only VERIFY that you worked there, regardless of what your boss thinks ...
    (Again, as already noted, this isn't true -- a lot of companies have a policy of only verifying hire/separation dates, but there is nothing legally preventing employers from providing more information, and giving people bad references as long as the information is factual.)

    OP, employment applications often (usually?) ask for professional references in addition to a list of previous employers, and it is entirely appropriate to use your previous managers as references (after checking with them that they are willing to be references for you).
  12. by   CP2013
    How does a former employee find out if they are I eligible for rehire? My friend thinks this may be why he can't get a job but has no proof??
  13. by   053108
    The company I worked for does rehire however since it was a staffing agency they probably can't hire me since I was an aid and I will be graduating in May of this year. I was thinking maybe that is why they put ineligible for rehire?? Also, you have to be a nurse for 2 years before you can work for them so I wouldn't be able to go back to them. When I was contacted, I was told I was ineligible for rehire by the whole company, not just the staffing agency. So, I have contacted HR. I am waiting until after the first for a reply and if I don't get one, I will go talk to them in person. I have contacted by email and voicemail since they are out of office.
  14. by   053108
    I would say contact HR. They actually contacted me to tell me my last paycheck was ready for pickup. I'm not sure why the last one had to be picked up...I have always used direct deposit.