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    Hello -

    I thought I made a decision to go to nursing school. but now i am confused again between nursing and teaching. i love children and dont know what to do. anyone with pros and cons who would like to help me please do!!!


    nikki :roll

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    You can take the shortest route to becoming a nurse and get a position in pediatric nursing. That way you can combine the two because all nurses do "teaching".
    If you opt for a four year nursing degree (BSN) try to have a minor, if possible (take minor courses before nrsg). Many states are so short-handed for teachers that they will let you do substitute teaching with a bachelor's degree (some require that you pass an exam (CBEST in California).
    With some creativity you could possibly do both for awhile (combine substitute teaching with a flexible job in home health care or a part time nursing job).
    Another option that many like to pursue is to become a school nurse. I believe you need to have a 4 yr nrsg degree (and Public Health Nurse certificate) for this. The school nurse may be required to give health classes. So you would be teaching!
    I suggest that you find someone in the field or contact a nursing school for further info. Good luck in your planning.
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    You could become a special ed. teacher and also combine the two. It is difficalt to help you decide given the scant amount of info in your post. Not sure what your goals are, or the degree of your altruism. Peds nursing is one of the most difficult fields in nursing and requires a special person as a lot of the kids are really sick and don't make it. Don't see that too much at school. Hope this helps, I am 62 and have worked in peds nursing for a while, but it was too tough for me. Worked the teenage unit, lots of paralyzed kids from accidents, leukemia, etc. By far the most difficult thing I ever did, just couldn't hack it after a while.

    Good Luck.
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    If you want weekends and holidays off do not go into nursing. You work many holidays, weekends and I do on call as well. Just my thoughts.


    But hey, I would not do anything other than nursing.
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    Well when you decide what you're going to do let us know and no matter what you decide it will be your right choice hopefully aye.
    Anyways best of luck
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    Well ...I wish I had become a teacher....strikes going on in my area...salaries topping $79,000 in some districts after less years than I put into nursing (21yrs)...9 months work, summers, most religious holidays off with weekends and goverment holidays off also...sounds pretty good to me!
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    me too

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    Teachers hate their jobs too and have burnout. I was a daily sub for 12 years while I pursued a full time teaching job. Subbing is awful and dangerous. The same suit mentality of giving you 100 students because your just a sub. The pay is awful and teachers and administrators are nasty to deal with. Across the country tons of schools are closing due to budget cuts making teachers obsolete. I wish had gone into nursing a job that pays. Most teaching jobs in the US pay lousy however administrators make tons. The teachers sit in the teachers lounge and cripe about how much nurses make! Being older I know no job is perfect. My suggestion is to try subbing in my state you only need a GED. The pay is awful. Make sure you work in all grades and do it for a while. Protect yourself it is dangerous. Kids can't be told how to behave anymore. You have to watch for guns and knifes and irate parents. You can burnout on any job. But I wouldn't recommend teaching to anyone.
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    YIKES good points........

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    I chose nursing when I was 16 and have not regretted a single minute of it. I teach patients, families and other nurses at times and love that too. There are nursing jobs where teaching is an intriquete part of the job. Nurses are in large demand and the pay is great. The flexibility is what I love most. I have 2 small children and don't require childcare. Nursing has made me happy .

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