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  1. cathy ann

    Minimum staffing in recovery

    We staff fully during the day then 2 till 11p then 1 rn11-7 and have an oncall person for 11-7 but our acuity isn't too high to need that I am curious about regulations though because I work alone at night alot with almost no help but if i needed help it would be there in 2 minutes.. not sure how i feel about this since i read the other submissions.
  2. cathy ann

    visitation in PACU

    Use your best judgement but as a rule there are no visitors in pacu but call the family frequently and reassure them that there aren't problems that prevents the patient from going to his room. I often work at night when my pacu patient is the only patient there and I let family in if the patient desires it.
  3. cathy ann

    I need info from all the PACU nurses.

    I work in a Pacu where we often have to funtion as the outpatient are so we do vital signs q15 as long as they are in recovery phase when they are recieving IV meds or are having any post anesthesia problems ie b/p problems only after that phase do we do anything different. Of course if our patient needs closer monitering we do and document more freqent vitals.
  4. cathy ann

    Help!! Need Advice

    I chose nursing when I was 16 and have not regretted a single minute of it. I teach patients, families and other nurses at times and love that too. There are nursing jobs where teaching is an intriquete part of the job. Nurses are in large demand and the pay is great. The flexibility is what I love most. I have 2 small children and don't require childcare. Nursing has made me happy .

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