Healthcare MBA thinking of going back to get AAS in Nursing

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    Hello All,
    I am new to this forum. I am thankful for all of the responses and information posted here.

    I have extensive experiences in care giving for children and elderly parents. I do have experiences with hospice work including end of life support. I so admire the nurses that I have encountered.

    I am have an MBA with Healthcare Administration. I am thinking of going back to school to get my AAS in Nursing. Does anyone think that this is worth doing? Please help.

    Thank you in advance for all/any advice...BLNT

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    Personally, I wouldn't. In this current market, a healthcare admin or MBA degree is more valuable than an associate's in nursing.
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    I've known at least 3 people that have gone a similar route, a girl I was in school with had a bach in community health but wasn't a nurse and could't find a job so she went to nursing school with me. I think it's a little misleading when universities confer and advertise these kind of degrees without also telling you that those degrees are much more valuable when paired with a nursing license.
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    PP is right. MBA+AAS = AAS. From an new grad employment standpoint, a previous non-nursing degree does not add value unless it is associated with some form of (licensed) direct care clinical experience - such as RT or ORT. If you're interested in a clinical profession, have you taken a look at all the other fields? They will probably have a much better payoff than nursing right now.
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    Thank you all for such insightful information. Do you all know of any other professions in hospice/geriatric besides Chaplain, Medical Social Work, or nursing? I so enjoy spending time and helping people before they move on to a different place.
    Thank you so much in advance again...
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    Have you looked into physician's assistant or direct entry nurse practitioner programs? That seems to be a better match for your educational level. You would get to do some patient care, although obviously not as much as an RN.

    Also, there was a women in my ADN program who had an MBA. It's not an unheard of career path. And while of course you would not be favored over an experienced nurse, your previous work experience would very much be beneficial when comes to new grad job hunting.
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    Thank you so very much for this tip. Let me look into the Physician Assistant and the Direct Entry Nurse Practitioner Programs.
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    Hi, BLNT.

    Can you elaborate a bit on your reasons for thinking about nursing now? Might help in getting additional responses.

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    Quote from HouTx
    ... From an new grad employment standpoint, a previous non-nursing degree does not add value unless it is associated with some form of (licensed) direct care clinical experience...
    With respect, I can't agree with the above at all.

    As a hiring manager, I would certainly value the learning / experiences from the prior study and employment mentioned by the OP here.

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