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Hi. I was just fired from my first RN job today. I worked at an urgent care clinic for 3 months. I had 2 days of training with a LPN when I started. When working I am the only nurse on staff. Last... Read More

  1. by   Nurseadam
    that's weird, i always inject air in the vial with no problem... that's crazy they fired you for that.
  2. by   katsanchezRN
    I wasnt taught in class not to inject air into an Ms vial but at a clinical I had to give Ms IM and the nurse was kind enough to tell me not to or I would blow the end off....
    I think they acted to soon should have been a teaching experience for u. I am a manager and that's what I would have used it as. Keep your head up!
  3. by   Kathypizzini
    I know how you feel. I am not a new R.N., but had just gone back to work after having major surgery. It took me three months to get a job, and I was relieved to finally aquire one. I was working at the skilled nursing section/rehab portion of an 88 acre "aging in place" facility. I was given 4 days of training. I ws expected to pass meds to 17 people, do all treatments, dressings, accuchecks, documentation, communication with doctors, admissions and discharges. I never sat down. I was required to clock out no later than 6 mins aftr shift or get written up. They did not want to pay overtime. It was extremely stressful. We had an outbreak of shingles on unit also. I was the only R.N. although there was an lpn on other hall. The DON said he didn't think I was handling stress well. Then an infection control meeting was held.I made the mistake of correcting the director by saying that shingles was contact precautions, but that chicken pox was an airborne virus. I had also mentioned that we had no sharps containers in patients rooms, and that there was nowhere to wash our hands, unless we opened a locked medroom door with our keys or washed them in the nurses lounge where we all eat lunch. I got a call the next day and was terminated. I was shocked. I have never been fired. I am so depressed about the situation, and don't know what to do. I have been on a couple interviews since, but nothing. The job market sucks right now. You are a new grad and should have been given some kind of learning curve. Whatever you do, don't say anything bad about your past employer. It will always work against you. Hang in there. You are more than your nursing degree. Keep trying. That is about all either of us can do.
  4. by   HolyPeas
    On one hand I feel like you should know that someone needs to see that, even if it was just the busted vial, but I sympathize nonetheless.
  5. by   namiller1213
    I agree with all of you. I just did not know who to show when I was the only licensed person working besides the MD. The MD saw it happened. I took it as a learning experience, I have good news to report, today I received my first hospital RN job. Its a neuro rehab floor. I love neuro and can't wait for in place policies and procedures. Plus a union to back me up!
  6. by   Merlyn
    After working for the state of Wonderful Jersey for nine years I got firer for giving a med two minutes pass the one hour before one hour after rule. Meanwhile on the next unit another nurse was doing Heroin in the bathroom. She kept her job. You were firer too soon. But here you have to show somebody that you wasted a narcotic. If there wasn't a nurse around show it to somebody in charge--even a doctor. I was fired from my first job, two weeks after I started. I should have taken it as an omen and gotten out of the business. Best of luck on your next job.
  7. by   HolyPeas
    two minutes after the one hour mark!? jesus... people in my state hospital do that ALL the time.
  8. by   Merlyn
    Jersey back in the late 90's had a policy, 'No med errors' If you report a med error you could loose your license. The result after I left, No med errors in any State of New Jersey hospital. Patient lives where in jeopardy. But the politicians were happy. They could say to the voters we have the safest hospitals in the country. The DON threaten to report me to the BON and have my license taken away. I folded up like a two dollar suit case. Didn't even fight it. Today would be a different story since I learned the phase, "See my Lawyer"
  9. by   evathediva
    OMG! No one got hurt so what is the big freaking deal! SHES A NEW NURSE! Don't they remember when they were a new nurse geez. Consider this a blessing move on and move forward. Good luck.