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Hi. I was just fired from my first RN job today. I worked at an urgent care clinic for 3 months. I had 2 days of training with a LPN when I started. When working I am the only nurse on staff. Last... Read More

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    Jersey back in the late 90's had a policy, 'No med errors' If you report a med error you could loose your license. The result after I left, No med errors in any State of New Jersey hospital. Patient lives where in jeopardy. But the politicians were happy. They could say to the voters we have the safest hospitals in the country. The DON threaten to report me to the BON and have my license taken away. I folded up like a two dollar suit case. Didn't even fight it. Today would be a different story since I learned the phase, "See my Lawyer"
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    OMG! No one got hurt so what is the big freaking deal! SHES A NEW NURSE! Don't they remember when they were a new nurse geez. Consider this a blessing move on and move forward. Good luck.

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