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I've been seeing a lot of obese nurses lately. In my opinion it's not setting the right example,not is it SAFE. If someone codes or there's a fire a nurses who is huge can't run to get to/from the emergency. Another example ...... Read More

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    You know, I'll admit that I am currently overweight. I knew there was an issue when I was a PCT when I was worn out within a minute of providing compressions in a code. The patient should not have to suffer the consequences of my bad habits, lack of initiative in the gym, etc. I am currently beginning my prereqs for BSN. I am also shopping for running shoes, my goal is to lose 70 pound before graduation. I've lost four pounds since April, I am proud
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    Quote from jamona851
    Being an overweight nurse, I guess I should chime in and add my two cents. I'm sure you are a newbie like most of use but one thing that you will be sure to learn is that pure adrenaline kicks in when we are in a situation that involves life or death. Whether you're fat, small, ginormous, or just slightly over you BMI, your body is gonna go into to high gear and get it moving...lumps, dumps, rolls, muffin tops and all! But thanks to your post, I called weight watchers, and got 4 weeks of meals for the price of one!!!!!
    I'm going to check out weight watches myself. Also, if you have an iPhone, there is a FREE app that is wonderful - LoseIt.
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    *weight watchers
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    It's not a new issue. I worked with a nurse in the mid 90s who was extremely overweight. She was young too, late 20s. There was a lot of things she physically couldn't do but she worked with a friend and they had some kind of system they were happy with where all the work got done.
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    I assume you are without imperfection.
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    Quote from Corpsman514

    I'm going to check out weight watches myself. Also, if you have an iPhone, there is a FREE app that is wonderful - LoseIt.
    I LOVE LoseIt!! I track everything on that app.
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    I see the OP hasn't come back to this thread. I guess she didn't really want to play with us. She just wanted to throw a hand grenade and run. How sad.
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    I have never posted a link before but here goes...


    Op please listen to what he's got to say, he was once judgmental, and now sees the error of his ways...
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    Quote from Ruas61
    I assume you are without imperfection.
    Except for being to damn green to be spouting off.

    {blushes at how often I did the same thing}
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    I'm super skinny and a huge bad example I guess. I drink mountain dew regularly... As we speak actually, I eat junk, I don't exercise much... I am skinny though.. so I'm good... I was soooo worried.

    No.. I know overweight people who are 100 times healthier then me..

    I'm unhealthy and working on it for me not for other people and you shouldn't be judging others.. it is none of your business or much less care if a nurse is obese or.not.
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