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Hi! I had a quick question, and I have to type really fast, cause I gotta go soon...... I'm in the middle of upgrading right now and next year I'm hopefully going to get into the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Calgary.... Read More

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    Quote from HarryPotter
    Many antidepressents may have s/e of low libido. Zoloft and Paxil may have that s/e. In terms of drug screens, anti-depressents don't show up on drug screens. Tranquilizers like Xanax and Ativan would show up. When u take a drug screen, u need to say that they are prescribed for you. A lot of Nurses take anti-depressents. There is nothing wrong with that. Unfortunately, there is still a stigma about depression, anxiety, etc. As there is with alcoholics, but a few brave souls who are in the spot light have come "out of the closet", and thus have helped people go get help. You can do the same.
    I've been really happy with Effexor but i'm starting to notice more and more headaches. Has anyone had this prob? There hasn't been low libido probs, but sometimes extreme headaches during :imbar . if anyone has info please let me know.

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    As far as dont ask dont tell thing...So its possible to apply for liscene with the state and just lie about past dealings with depression? I am looking into going to school for nursing and really dont wanna put all that time and effort only to have the state tell me no go..

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