Concerns about 'modeling' pictures

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    So I've got a friend who's thinking about nursing school but she has pictures that are posted on a soft core pornography site. The site owns several sets and policy is not to remove them completely, only restrict access to paying members only if you make the request. She's not ashamed of it at all in fact she's quite proud. She's a raging feminist though some people have tried to disagree in the past...

    Anyway she's a brilliant student and very professional but the pictures are out there and they are full nude. Will they be grounds for termination in potential nursing careers?

    Thanks for any info

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    I guess my first thought is do they come up when you google her name? Depends on the employer I suppose. I don't think I'd add them as part of my resume portfolio though
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    Her name wouldn't come up in any search engine, the models on the suite use a pseudonym and it's not something she's put in her resume. I don't think it would be such a big deal except that the site is really popular and she's worried she'd be recognized by her face
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    If she stays soft core she should be fine. Hard core would be a little much.
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    I highly doubt this mattters at all. Like the other poster said, she shouldn't add it to her resume.
    I think employers are more concerned that you pass a criminal check-maybe a credit check too.
    As long as she is not advertising it she is good to go...IMO
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    Wow. Interesting question for sure. I doubt it would be problematic if it doesn't have her real name. Besides, admitting that you recognize her is a public admission that you look at internet porn, so I doubt the interviewer would mention it. Add to that the fact that the interviewers will probably be female, I think the chance of it being an issue is pretty small. However, I would stop telling people about the photos because word gets around and no hospital wants to create a scandal.

    And, she probably looks different with her clothes on. =)
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    Shouldn't matter, people shouldn't care; however, the lifestyle police are always out and about trying to cause drama. I wouldn't care if they were hard core pictures. It could be an issue at some point, but it's sad that I have to say this because we are all fundamentally imperfect by many definitions. Yet, some are more than willing to throw the first stone so to speak, as long as they are not on the receiving end. Because nobody other than immoral deviants have skeletons in their closets?
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    I see it now... some male coworker/supervisor/patient is going to give her a funny look and ask, "I have a funny feeling like I've seen you somewhere before."

    Seriously, I couldn't imagine this is a problem unless you are in a particularly morally conservative community Utah. Perhaps it would be a problem for Peds... not for any good reason, but for the irrational emotional reaction.
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    link? ahah just kidding
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    no but pm it to me
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