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I'm not going to look for help or encouragement like I did the last time because the folks on here made me feel less than cricket dung. I've been out of school for a while now and I've failed my... Read More

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    For someone to say if you didn't pass is because you didn't try hard enough!

    How would anyone know how hard you have been trying but you!

    I studied literally, Around the clock for 2 semesters of school, got to the Hesi midcurricular and failed it by one point. I cannot express the devistation I've gone through; no, they did not let me have another chance.

    Got my revenge though. Went on to completes CSTD and now with my LVN, I'm free of the 'you really should get your RN" hanging over my head. God bless you and if this is what you want, keep believing.
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    Great job, I know this post is several months old. I am a pioneer in searching for jobs with a nursing degree, no license but hey I never ever had trouble looking for work as a health care professional. I started out as an MA in a clinic then hospital then nursing school, failed a few times and now I am preparing to retake it. Hold fast to your goals because the time will come when you feel ready, don't let your nursing passion die.
    This is a great post and great job on moving forward with other passions, EMT is great, stay on your success!
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    You are allowed to test for your LPN (NCLEX_PN) license after the first year of Nursing School. It is a different test and you do not have to know as much, you may do spectacularly. Though it does not pay as well as an RN, you will be working as a Nurse which will help with the next time you decide to take the NCLEX-RN.
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    Quote from formernole
    You are allowed to test for your LPN (NCLEX_PN) license after the first year of Nursing School. It is a different test and you do not have to know as much, you may do spectacularly. Though it does not pay as well as an RN, you will be working as a Nurse which will help with the next time you decide to take the NCLEX-RN.

    Only in certain states. It's not an option in NJ, PA, TX, OK and other states where only graduates of practical nursing programs are eligible for LPN licensure.
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    I haven't read the updates or any of the comments on this post but just between you and me. I heard you were going to make it and it is your destiny to be a great nurse.
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    Don't give up!
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    Don't give up, keep trying. I failed level 2 in nursing and I took it as a challenge and tried harder. If other's did it, and so can you. English is not first language but I've studied so hard everyday for 2 months before taking the NLCEX, I did more than 5,000 questions using Saunders and Prep U paying attention to rationales. By the time I took NLCEX, I knew I was ready, as I was taking the test I knew I was passing because I know most of the questions. Sure enough, I passed with 75 questions. NCLEX is something that you have to take it seriously, invest your time studying and you will pass. Good luck and never give up.
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    I would try to take a Kaplan NCLEX class. Some of my classmates took it and strongly recommended it. You still have to do most of the work, but they give you good tips and the practice question banks have really similar questions you can expect from NCLEX.
    I hope you don't give up at this point. Life doesn't always give us things we want. You can take a break, do something else, and come back to nursing when you are ready. There are many other ways to make ends meet and pay off your loans. I had a previous bachelor degree and masters degree, both are kinda related to medical science but I couldn't find a job in either field. I took breaks and did part time jobs between schools. I entered nursing school when I was 31, and BSN gave me my first real long term job. I am pretty happy with how things turn out. Life can be full of disappointments and surprises. It makes me not to set expectations for things and people and I am happier that way. So maybe next time when you are ready for NCLEX again, don't expect to pass, and you will pass.
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    Wow. Some folks can be very insensitive
    If you can, try taking hurst review.
    If not nursing look into education like subbing. Or health admin, retail management, makeup artist, customer service
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    Wow, this thing is still alive?!? There's quite a long history for this.....although the OP has LONG since left the building, so to speak. Two and a half years, actually.

    Perhaps some background information might help some to understand, with clarity, exactly what's being said, then and now.

    The OP posted a couple of years ago, just prior to (and just after) having failed the NCLEX exam NINE times. NINE. The post that was after EIGHT failed attempts (and just prior to the ninth) said that he/she had studied for each of the eight before (and therefore it's reasonable to assume ALL study options were exhausted). The post said that although a ninth attempt was happening the next day.....there had been no studying for it at all. Wing it, essentially.

    Do you all still suggest that trying this review or that one, after nine years and (at least, that we know of) nine failed NCLEX exams will still produce a Registered Nurse ready to work in the care of your loved ones? Knowing this information, do you still blindly cheer "you can do it! I just know you'll be a great nurse!" And if Based on what, exactly?

    Gaining a license to practice nursing isn't a prize that someone can win if they just toss the ring at the pole enough times, believing that eventually one of them will stick. After NINE failures in as many years, does it not seem reasonable that this test is NOT going to be passed, regardless of desire? A decade out of nursing school, zero nursing experience, and inability to demonstrate the competency needed for a minimum competency exam....and people still say "don't believe you can't do this, of course you can"?

    On occasion, we see posts from people who have not, cannot pass the competency exam, and they wonder what they can do with a BSN and no license. And there ARE some options, although none of them actually require one to be a NURSE, just hold a bachelor's degree in a related healthcare field. For those people, healthcare administration is a possibility....IF they are also educated as the employer would like, and have experience accordingly.

    One can become a hospital administrator with a background in nursing......OR a background in facility management.....but typically not if one has neither. A return to school for applicable business classes might be in order, to compete with candidates who already have such knowledge and experience.

    But to continue to cheer "you can do it, just try again!" is, IMO, just cruel. At some point (and boy, this has got to be it) a reality check must be dealt. Life needs to move on; if you cannot succeed at something after attempting everything possible, it's time to try something new.
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    Unfortunately you cannot practice as a RN if you're not licensed. You can consider trying again although i do not know how many times you took the test. I say, anything above 3 failed attempts requires a remediation course and 6 failed attempts is the end of the line. You can consider practicing outside the country, if you truly feel you can't pass it. Seek help and guidance from others.
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    I had a friend pass after her 8th time and today she is a RN, PhD....She is a great Nurse, professor and inspiration to all. NEVER give up. But do get focus and seek out tutors, remediation, etc. You can and will Pass.

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