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  1. sankinrn

    NCLEX Retakers Study Group

    Hello, I am a re taker as well. I have help several other individuals pass their NCLEX. I am willing to assist in anyway I can. What I had to do was change the way I was thinking, it was difficult in the beginning. However, once I accepted it was the way I was thinking, I was able to pass.
  2. sankinrn

    Advice for a new grad on sending patients out to ER?

    Interact has some excellent tools. Especially the SBAR. Also, you may want to ask your supervisor what resources are available to assist you with your assessment skills. Working as a Director of Nursing, I encourage my staff to always ask questions. I am constantly educating, encouraging and giving constructive criticism. Hopefully, your director can assist you. You should feel confident when you are working and after you leave. We all make mistakes, as long as you learn from your mistakes, thats what important. Your skills will improve, never be afraid to seek assistance from your peers and always ask questions. Good Luck, things will get better. Let me know if I can assist you in anyway possible.
  3. sankinrn

    The imposition of chemical restraints...

    I would politely take the note back to the MDSC and inform her, based your nursing judgment and assessment, you do not feel there is a need for the resident to have this PRN drug. Inform your supervisor as well. Continue to advocate for your resident!
  4. Do not give up on your dreams to become a nurse. Good Luck!