BSN failed NCLEX twice, what jobs are in demand?

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    OK please don't give any studying advice. I took the NCLEX twice. I failed twice at 75 Q. I did all of Kaplan, every inch of and started repeating the Q Bank. I did Hurst. Started with it online and then did the live version but I don't like how they dumb everything down. After watching all the videos 5 times I was done. I did ATI questions. I did a 2 month prep course for people that have been out of school for a while. We had 5 hours of homework every night for 2 months. And I used a bunch of different resources.

    I graduated with a 3.87 GPA in my BSN. But I am DONE with NCLEX for a while. I don't want to talk about NCLEX.

    I went to nursing school so that I could work in a medi spa. I also wanted to do Doctors without Borders.

    So I have to find a job. I am going all these different directions. I had a Cosmetology license from before my first Bachelors so I thought I'll work as an esthetician and then start studying NCLEX again. When I pass I can migrate from doing facials to doing injections and laser. Well I took a couple advanced classes and I started interning at the place I get my facials. She works alone so she can't hire me. So I have been applying for esthetician jobs for a month and not a single bite. Not a call, email, nothing.

    So now I am leaning back towards the medical field again but what can I do besides being a CNA. And even that requires flying to LA to challenge an exam. But I do not want to work in a CNA capacity. I will end up strangling myself within a week.

    I can do a phlebotomy course or an EMT course because they are short BUT could I get hired for either of those? I totally see myself being an EMT. I know the pay is crap but I would be working in the medical field and then I could start studying again.

    However, I don't want to waste time and money if I won't be able to get a job. And like everything it seems every single job wants experience before they will hire you.

    I am at my wits end and I really don't know what to do. I feel like crawling under a rock. I am feeling like an unproductive member of society.

    But please if anyone has suggestions of what type of jobs are in demand that I could do without going back to school for longer then a month please assist. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area so there are tons of two week classes for both EMT and phlebotomy but could I get a job?

    Other jobs that I am missing? Ideas of job titles I can search in Indeed? I want to find a job that will allow a candidate who does not have experience and jobs in demand. Please...

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    you are still a nursing graduate. That might make you eligible to work as monitor tech, challenge the LVN exam and get licensed, work for Doctors Without Borders in another capacity. I wish you all the luck in the world!
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    MSF (Medicins Sans Frontieres, Doctors Without Borders) hires a lot of nurses but they won't take anyone without substantial experience. It's not a job for rookies and they don't have time to train rookies. So I wouldn't look at that one, even if they would take you "in another capacity" (I can't imagine what that might be, considering their mission).

    I don't know if CA allows you to challenge the LVN exam with your education. You can always ask the BoN. They are in Sacramento and in the phone book/paper or online.

    So, to summarize: you want a job that will hire you with no experience. You and a lot of other people. The quick and dirty way would be take one of those 2-week phlebotomy courses and get a job sticking people in a clinic.

    If you really have questions about what kinds of jobs are in demand in the SF Bay Area, well-- is the Chronicle still publishing? Is there a jobs assistance program in the state division of vocational assistance? I think you'll have a lot better luck getting location-specific help there than here.
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    Yeah I know I can't do Doctors Without Borders now. I threw in the medi spa and Doctors Without Borders just to mention why I went to nursing school. I had wrote more stuff and deleted it and I probably could have deleted that paragraph.

    I can definitely challenge the NCLEX-PN but it's another exam to study for and I went to a bad school. I don't think I will pass the NCLEX-PN just because I failed the NCLEX-RN. I can spend 2 weeks doing a class but I don't have months to study for another exam. And if I am going to study for an exam it will be the one I was educated for. I have gotten a lot of advice on that front and the consensus is not to go that route.

    Sorry I don't mean to poo poo everything but I should have mentioned I have no intentions of going that route.

    I do like your suggestion about getting job assistance from the county. It's just so sad that I have 2 Bachelors degrees and several other certificates and licences and I can't get a job. But that was good advice. I am aslo going to call some EMT and phelbotomy jobs and ask them if they hire with no experience to see if I would waste my time. I will mention I studied nursing. Because that is another thing I am afraid of is hearing that I am over qualified.
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    How were your scores for the Kaplan q-trainers? Did you rush through questions on the NCLEX or did you take time to read each answer?
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    My scores for the QT were 45, 49, 39, 48, 51, 53, 53. So they did get progressively better but not enough to pass. I did notice I had about 30% alternative format questions the second time but the computer still stopped at 75. But I really DO NOT want to talk about the exam. I have to get a job and I don't have time to stufy for NCLEX right now. My question is NOT about NCLEX.

    My question is what can I do to earn money in health care NOT having NCLEX. Again I reiterate I do not want to talk about the NCLEX. I need to find a job.
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    Quote from WorldTravelingYogi
    My scores for the QT were 45, 49, 39, 48, 51, 53, 53. So they did get progressively better but not enough to pass.
    ^This...scores should be above 60% prior to taking the NCLEX...when you get ready to retake it.

    But I really DO NOT want to talk about the exam. I have to get a job and I don't have time to stufy for NCLEX right now. My question is NOT about NCLEX.
    ^I understand that you don't want to talk about NCLEX; however, the sooner you master what's holding you back, the more opportunities in starting your career...You are in a pickle due to your educational status and the license you need to obtain in order to practice.

    My question is what can I do to earn money in health care NOT having NCLEX. Again I reiterate I do not want to talk about the NCLEX. I need to find a job.
    ^And you are going to have difficulty finding one in healthcare without it, unless you want to take a phlebotomy course; however, you "earned" a degree which may give you some difficulty getting a job. Why would an organization hire you otherwise than in a nursing position ??? True story-a classmate of mine wanted to get a job before the NCLEX, and was asked the same question from a recruiter...

    Most employers put people who have a degree in nursing that are applying for a healthcare job in the "NO" pile...just trying to give you the reality of how a lot of employers think. It will be an uphill battle.

    This is why a lot of posters are trying to assist you in going through with retrying the NCLEX sooner, rather than may want to try later, and find you may need to take a refresher course, or redo school altogether. You invested your time in becoming a behooves you to triumph over your setback.

    While you are looking for a job, look at your results and tackle getting LaCharity, and alternative format questioning, and take the NCSBN course if you can-practice questions are the MOST similar to the exam. If you cannot, look into Saunders and Lippincott. It is hard economically when looking for a position, and employees are going to be right right what you must to survive, even if it is county assistance to help the tide.

    I am encouraging you to continue looking for a job AND to at least get back to studying for the NCLEX within a month...then take two months to study for it, then go for it do indeed, have time not to wait for another setback down the road.
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    Actually you might not be in too bad of shape...I often regret passing the NCLEX actually...once you pass you're unable to work as an aide anymore (there are TONs of jobs for aides and not many jobs out here for recent graduates). I was a therapy aide for 4 years or so prior to nursing was a good experience for me. I was able to be in the medical field, helped people with their exercises, cleaned equipment instead of peoples bottoms etc. It was hard work but fun at the same time. I think someone posted about a tech (like an ekg tech) that's also a position that seems to be in need and if you would have passed the NCLEX you could not apply. Honestly this might be a blessing for you...I passed the nclex the first time...graduated with honors... but the job market is rough right now for new nurses (grass is not greener) and once you pass that NCLEX you're then overqualified for jobs that are in real need and that still make a meaningful difference in other people's lives!
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    I'm not a LVN so I may be wrong about this, but if you decide to become a LVN by challenge and are successful, the LVN license you get will CA-specific only and not endorsable to other states. Hopefully someone who's "been there, done that" can verify/correct me.
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    to add also I feel your pain about the duplicate degrees...I have a MS degree too but despite it being in the medical field I think it might be a hindrance as when I apply for jobs in that area of health....they would have to pay me more because of the RN license...AND I feel it puts a target on my back as well being a new RN (I don't go telling people about it but I do keep it on my resume in hopes that an organization/management looks at it in a positive light). Point is chin up....I would be frustrated if I did not pass but in knowing what I know now.... you might be in a better position then those of us that did pass....
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