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I need some help. I just joined the site. I am working as a radiology nurse in small imaging facility. Its been a great job. Unfortunately we are shutting our doors 12/2013. I am worried sick. I live in a small area. I'd rather... Read More

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    Someone here mentioned just claiming the last 20 years of your nursing career. Be careful with that, tho, because most places will want to know the date of your initial licensing, and the date you graduated college or nursing school.

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    My bf went to a professional to help with his resume. They were able to word things in a way that didn't reveal his age. Just a thought. Others that I had were rep for a company like phillips, picc line insertion nurse, or telephone triage at home. I wish you the best.
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    Quote from wish_me_luck
    Have you thought about doing clinical (or teaching lecture) for nursing programs? Many nursing programs look long and hard for clinical instructors. So, you would be still in a clinical setting; but passing on your knowledge to future nurses.
    You need a masters degree. It doesn't have to be in nursing from what i hear. I think its a masters degree in something and a bachelors in nursing.
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    I don't have any real suggestions for the OP or the others facing the bias (which, IMO, has nothing to do with money - they only have to pay you what you'll accept, which is probably a lot less than what you earned before - and everything to do with our culture's obsession with youth).

    I do, however, have a lot of empathy. I've been out of work before and watched coworkers face similar situations. It's part of what drew me to nursing and what drew me to a large, academic hospital, with a strong union.

    To the younger folks: Be mindful of these stories and plan your career to get you into a stable situation while you have the opportunity.

    While I say it mostly in jest, I am mindful that some of my much-younger colleagues are likely to end up as senior management while I'm old but still wanting to work... I'm hopeful that my relationships forged side-by-side in the trenches will help keep me from getting squeezed out while I still have fuel in the tank.
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    I don't know so much that its ageism. I got my ADN at age 53 and just completed my BSN at 55. With both degrees, I got the first job I was interviewed for. Trying to get my first nursing job was the worst. No one wanted a new nurse. They all wanted experience. I did get help with my résumé. I sent out ten of the new ones to companies/hospitals in my area and got two job offers. One HR recruiter said I was exactly the kind of applicant he looks for. Middle aged, kids are grown, and a go getter because I had gone back to school. It is depressing in this age of computer applications where they can't see you or know how you are as a nurse. Reference letters to go along with your résumé help. I always attach those because it is not me saying I am good at what I do, it's someone else willing to say I am a good nurse or person.
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    I know it must be frustrating, and living in a smaller community makes it more difficult. Have you sat down and really thought about what you are willing to do for work. For example, would you commute (you may be able to find 4-10 hour day clinic job), are you will to get new certifications (Oncology infusion nurses are always needed and the ONS chemotherapy class is 2 days and cost about $200-3--), are you willing to work on odd shift? I think if you are more flexible with what your willing to do, you may find more opportunities. It sounds like you are not interested in furthering your education, but a MSN can keep you working until you want to retire, and you don't pay loans while your in school (although if they are interest loans then that will still be building up unless you just pay the interest amount).

    I have been a single mom for a long time and my youngest turns 18 when I am 50. I am not vested in any work facility, and barely have any retirement savings; however, I did continue my education and earned my MSN at 47. I may have student loans but I did what I had to do to ensure I could continue working since I have nobody else to rely on but myself. I know some facilities are all about money, but some specialties really want someone who is experience or at least shows enthusiasm for working in their facility. I encourage you to really decide what you are willing to put up with.

    Also, someone did mention travel nursing. I did travel nursing for 3 years, and unless you will be taking jobs that are in your field, you will work hard. It is a good possibility that there are clinic travel jobs. I know I have been getting tons of emails asking me if I want to do travel work. I would just caution you to stay away from a hospital floor position because some of the assignments are difficult and if you have not done hospital work in awhile, it will be challenging.

    I wish you all the best.
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    mqybe you just live in an area that doesnt need many nurses. i did and so did thousands. i applied to hundreds of jobs and didnt hear back from almost any. I finally had to relocate to a very rural area in a part of the country i had no interest in. my facility acually has a lot of out of towners like this. might be ageism or it might just be the job market. millions remain unemployed. if you really need a job , my advice is to apply for everything .
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    I understand exactly how you feel. Several older nurses I used to work with have been 'assisted to retire' and I have been targeted now. I'm currently working toward an online certification in pain management, and will work on others until I find other employment. (Coincidentally, some of the reasons they are trying to make my life miserable are complete lies. Cover yourself well.)
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    I just received my RN and I am 47 years old. This is my second career and I have to say that my age did not hold any barriers. As a new nurse I have been hired onto a Cardiovascular Unit at a local hospital. You are as young as you feel! I love my new career. I pray you find a job! Don't limit yourself, just apply, apply, apply! Experienced nurses are in need!
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    Please know that you are not alone. It makes me feel better to know that others are in the same boat that I am. I am considering taking a non direct pt care job, pay would be about 1/2 of what I make now. But after 35 plus yrs of holidays, weekends etc, sometimes you just have to do what is best for you. My family doesn't realize how hard staff nursing or pt care can be, they tend to think that I am lazy. We are being told that we are going to need to work till we are 70, I'm not sure that my body will hold out that long. I will have been a nurse for 50 yrs then. Almost all my years have been spent doing staff nsg, providing direct hands on care. Best of Luck!
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