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emmasuern has 10 years experience and specializes in Clinical Research.

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    PhD or DNP to become Faculty?

    I meant to respond to this earlier and I apologize for the delayed response. Prior to my PhD program, I worked as a Clinical Research Nurse. I worked with drug and device companies to assist with clinical trials. I worked at a very large hospital in Houston and worked on some very interesting trials, including stem cell therapy and gene therapy. I loved the work! I had multiple sponsors that said I should reach out to them when I was done. I knew most of the positions they wanted me for would probably have heavy travel and I didn't feel like 80% travel at this point in my life. Not all of the jobs with industry are heavy travel. I really do enjoy research. I decided to do a PhD program because I wanted to be able to have more control over the type of research trials that I was working on. I'm starting a tenure track position at an education-focused school and I don't see myself doing much research in the future. I'm currently doing stats work and study design for a research study with an old classmate. I did 3 years of TA in one of the grad level stats courses and people love to pick my brain. This morning I was helping a DNP student with her stats interpretation for her DNP project. I never imagined I would be helping people with statistics when I went back to school.
  2. emmasuern

    PhD or DNP to become Faculty?

    Have you thought about teaching clinicals at your local school? My city has a CC and University and the requirements are 3 years bedside experience with a BSN. This will give you a pretty good idea if you really want to teach long term. This experience will also open the door for you if you want to teach with a PhD. I recently finished my PhD and our program does not fund their students or give stipends. You are extremely lucky if that is being offered to you. I used money from the Nurse Faculty Loan Program to pay for my program. I had to work part-time on the side to pay my bills. NFLP offers 85% loan forgiveness after working as faculty for 4 years. I wish I would have been funded and given a stipend. I would probably be going into industry instead of teaching to have my loans forgiven.