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Having been guilty myself of hijacking threads saying hello and just chatting to my fellow Aussies I thought it might be worthwhile for us to have a thread that is just dedicated to general Aussie... Read More

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    Quote from julianne.00
    i'm coming over to nsw in september for a year.... who's down for tea and giving me the real digs on ed nursing in oz, so i don't need to wear an adult diaper on my first day?

    g'day julianne and welcome to the aussie forums!

    just a tip if you're coming down under ..... nappy!:d
    here in oz we call them nappies - not diapers.:d

    i hope you enjoy your travels to our beauitful land here down under and that your stay here is filled with lots of fun and interesting experiences.

    i'm not in nsw, but hopefully someone who is will make contact and offer to join you for tea!
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    Ahhh thank you for the nappy warning, and the welcome! I'm sure I will have a fantastic time and meet lots of amazing people!
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    O my! I have just finished work and I feel that I have been run over by a tram! I cannot seem to shake this cold I have had for a few weeks - just a runny nose and sneezing. well after 7 days in a row I feel awful. Going to curl up with a box of tissues and sneeze my way to sleep.

    Come on Spring I have had enough of winter...............and tomorrow is forecast for 12 degrees!
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    Hey I'm thinking about doing a year or so of nursing in Australia.. Just started researching requirements and such...
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    Me too, I'll be studying in Australia for my bridging program. Hopefully, I could make friends here because I'll be going there alone.

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