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  1. Are you angry about the NMC OSCE???

    Sorry to hear about all that. What a joke. Such as shame as the NHS really needs any help they can get. I've been doing reg on and off since 2012. I've just recently decided to give up. Not worth the time and effort, and once I arrive I'll be earnin...
  2. NmC full assessment

    It needs to be within 3 months old from when you hit submit on the application- so if you were to submit everything today, it could be oldest November 5 2016
  3. Are you angry about the NMC OSCE???

    I've decided to pull out myself. Why risk it? For me coming from Australia, I will be earning $35-40k less than here. With living expenses, rent etc the same cost. Plus as you said, the OSCE....the pass rate for first time is only 48%?!?! Just crazy....
  4. Chicago New Grad looking for work in Sydney!

    You might have to consider something else- because in order to qualify as a Registered Nurse in Aus, you need recency of practice. In Aus, nurses are already qualified before entering new graduate programs, so it's not really applicable to your situa...
  5. NMC Test Online

    Happened to me too! They took 5 WEEKS to locate my documents- I spent so much money on special envelopes/tracking internationally. They said it was 'misplaced' and that there was a 'problem with the scanner' just really silly excuses. My recommendati...
  6. continental travel nurse

    Hey, what do you mean steal money? What would you suggest to those wanting to work over in the UK, as an alternative to this company? Have you worked at all in the private sector?
  7. I did my new grad in surg wards before changing to theatres- and haven't looked back. Apply to the roles anyway. Follow up via phone. Try to stand out. Write a really great cover letter and resume and you'll land something eventually. See if you can ...
  8. I need help for NMC assessment stage please

    Honestly I would just call them, maybe they can reset your file from your end, if it is a technical glitch.
  9. It has to have been issued within 3 months of when you submit your application- so yes a new one unfortunately
  10. NMC Test Online

    I know it used to be 2 years- might still be the same. Best to call to double check
  11. NMC Test Online

    No I didnt- it's not super necessary. The CBT is a lot about common sense. It sounds like you would be fine with what you've studied. If you go into my profile you can see a post i made about a year ago about what I got in the CBT- good luck
  12. NMC Test Online

    Yes this happened to me. They requested additional documents which I sent, and the tracking numbers said signed and delivered at the NMC office, but it took them 5 WEEKS to locate the documents. No idea how they could get 'lost.' They said something ...
  13. Anyone had this happen? I had my application assessed back in September- and further additional documents were requested. The NMC received these, but someone at the NMC, re-submitted my application online, and now all old correspondence has disappear...
  14. NMC Test Online

    Hey guys- this is also happening to me! I spent $100 on expressed tracked mailing to NMC, and it's been received 1 month ago but they say they've misplaced it!!! Argh!!!! Now everything delayed. Anything specifically you guys did to follow up, or som...
  15. Hey there, I'm Aussie too and waiting for my DL. But I'm confused about your post re the entry visa- which one is this? I've been under the impression a COS and Tier 2 visa must be issued before leaving Aus for UK? Is this not your plan?