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Having been guilty myself of hijacking threads saying hello and just chatting to my fellow Aussies I thought it might be worthwhile for us to have a thread that is just dedicated to general Aussie chat. We can then discuss... Read More

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    Quote from Dennis Putri
    hi Grace, im dennis, im indonesian n a was move a week ago. im a nurse in my country n now im looking how i can work in aus to be nurse. maybe u can give me some information or advance. thanks alot n nice to meet u.
    Hi Dennis and WELCOME to the Aussie forum of allnurses!

    Silverdragon has already directed you in the right way, so be sure to check that link out. Good luck!
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    G'day Cathy and WELCOME!

    Best wishes and good luck with your applications!
    Nice to read that you're enjoying your work, that's always a bonus!
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    Morning Gwenith ,
    Just logged on again after about 6 months away.(been studying). i think it is a great idea to have an aussies only page. At least we will know what we are talking about.I will now log on a lot more, after my exam this week. After this one only two more to go.
    have a good day
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    Hi Holloway,
    whereabouts are you studying? Im at Chisholm at the minute and should be finished in the next cupla weeks (fingers crossed)
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    well who was melting in melbourne last night?
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    The same number melting in SA I'm guessing!
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    Nah, Grace - there are more of us!

    I was one of the melting, though not until I left work at 11PM - when you think the air con's not so strong and then step out into a smothering blanket of night time heat it really brings home how unpleasant it would have been all day in that. One of my favourite things is discovering how much happier I am as a nurse than I'd be being someone else - like a firefighter. Even my skin feels too hot...
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    Hi well I got into ACU and will start in a few weeks...yahhhhaaa...very good!! Very pleased
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    CONGRATULATIONS sydneymum14! Wishing you every success.

    Talaxandra ... makes you appreciate what their [ fireies] job is like somewhat, doesn't it? I swear I could've fried an egg on the back patio it was so hot!
    Thankfully today we've received a respite!
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    Grace, too right - even watching the train services people hosing down the tracks, clad in reflective vests, made me feel hotter! I just cannot imagine being not just in this heat but near a fire, wearing full protective gear. They seriously rock and I hope this summer is nothing like last year.

    And yes - I write this basking in the cool breeze and listening to light rain.
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