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  1. by   rubystar
    Quote from buttercup99
    WOW, congrats Rubystar!! How many rotations do u get and what specialties are they?
    I get 4 rotations over 2 years. I was really hoping to get this one because it sounded like the best one going. I'm hoping to do some critical care stuff like ED in the later ones, but I have no idea what ones I got. I don't even know when I start because they have several intakes early next year and I said I didn't mind which one I got.

    Cheers for the support everybody this is exciting! Nursing school goes so fast.
  2. by   AusNurse2B
    Quote from frellyou
    I was speaking to a nurse from NICU at RNS who thought that the UTS bachelor of midwifery students didn't really have the basic nursing skills they needed, so a combined degree would be good. How much longer does it take?
    The double degree is an extra 12 months. The midwives up here in QLD are a bit hesitant towards the undergrad midwives because of what you said, but I think it depends on the uni as to what they learn, I think these days the uni's are expanding their teaching to include illness and pregnancy.

    Hi Beccy!
  3. by   Zoe*aka*studentnurse

    How is everyone going??? Nearly on the count down to end of semester!! YAY I'm looking forward to the break.

    Uni is going great for me - I'm loving this semester's subjects (except for one subject, which I really do enjoy - just can't stand the tutor and she makes it really boring) and doing really well. I only have end of semester assessment left now, so
    1 presentation
    1 A&P2 exam
    1 Health promotion exam
    and the osca for clinical health assessment

    Hope everyone is going well, and look forward to chatting again soon,

  4. by   Mimichama
    hello fellow australian nursing students.
    i am studying at qut in brisbane. just out of curiosity, what subjects are you guys taking?
    i'm taking bioscience, foundations of nursing practice, nursing and the health care system, clinical prac 1. i am allocated to the oncology, haemotology and chronic pain wards for my first clinical prac. i have over a month or so left of waiting and i'm very excited/terrified for it. i'm sure it's normal to be getting mixed feelings for the first prac.

    Quote from rachelgeorgina
    ... i guess i'm wondering how many students there are out there from australia, first!
    there are over 500 nursing students at my school (the numbers are slowly decreasing) and unfortunately not all of them use online forums
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  5. by   Sophia36
    I think it is really good idea. If there are many good resources, I think it would be wonderful for nurses who are currently working like me.
    Good luck, Guys
  6. by   sydneymum14
    Wow this is fantastic, thanks for starting it Rachel. I have applied for the ACU for BN next year. I will do it part time too so it will take me 6 years and I will be 50 when I finish. Meanwhile I'm working as a community AIN in Sydney and loving it. I do 3 evening runs and 2 morning runs per week. I have 2 teen's who are preety independent. I have bought some textbooks already and am studying them ahead. Got a great DVD with clinicals on it. Loved the TAFE courses I did so hope I can do Uni ok. I think all the uni's have different subjects, or maybe the names. I've got a brochure with the names of all my subjects and the first two are community, health and welfare and Foundation Biology 1.
  7. by   rachelgeorgina
    I thought I'd bump this thread up again seeing as it's only one month till uni goes back... though I've noticed that there are already plenty of TENs on the floor!

    What is everyone taking this semester? Do you know what clinicals you're getting yet?
  8. by   sydneymum14
    Hi well it is a great idea. I'm so excited about starting. What re you doing?? And what do you mean by TENS?
  9. by   rachelgeorgina
    TEN = Trainee enrolled nurse

    This semester I am taking...
    - Foundations of Children's Nursing
    - Adult Nursing: Neuro + Endocrine
    - Fundamentals of Pathophysiology 3

    My two clinicals this semester are 10 days at a nursery or special school and 5 days on the wards. I'm 100% excited. So excited I've been practicing my long division for infusion calculations!
  10. by   sydneymum14
    Wow that sounds complicated...I'm only a baby really. I've got Biology and Society and Culture. I don't know about clinicals. I don't think I get any till next semester. Which uni are you at and what year? I'm at ACU and first year.
  11. by   rachelgeorgina
    I'm at UTS going in to second year. Goodluck with your first semester!
  12. by   sydneymum14
    Thanks Rachel, well did you go straight from your year 12? I guess you did if you are only 20. I am 444. Were there a lot of mature age students in your classes? I guess you are doing full time. I'm only doing part I am still mothering a 17 and 15 year old, running our business, working as a community nurse (AIN), 4 evenings a week and looking after my Aunt once a week. I've had to give up some of my nursing shifts and my charity work. My daughter got her P's and a job at the end of last year and is doing year 12, my son year 10. Plus housework when I can fit it in ..oh and swimming 3x a week.
  13. by   sydneymum14
    Thanks Rachel, how come you know your clinicals already? I won't have any till the next semester I guess.