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As nurses, we wear many hats. To name a few: we are caregivers, providers, assessors, comforters, encouragers, teachers, an ear to listen. Are we to be evangelists or preachers? In my opinion, no... Read More

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    I am an atheist and I do not tell my patients that. As for that smile and glow thing, I get that all the time due to my personality. I am rarely "mean" or "strict." As an EMT, I was told that I looked like an angel because of my smile all the time.

    I work in a Catholic hospital but I do not share my faith. I will consider praying with a family if they ask me to, but I do feel like it is a hollow gesture inside because I am an atheist. We do have chaplains that are familiar with many different religions.

    I think if nurses pray with their patients that ask them to, it would be okay. It doesn't bother me. However, coworkers that drag religion into everything kind of bothers me.
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    I have a tremendous respect and understanding for patients when they engage in spiritual practice and I encourage it if the cues, as you've mentioned, are there. Spirituality, religion, faith, prayer etc is extremely healthy and healing for people. I am a spiritual person, but also an atheist.

    There was a funny situation the other day when a preacher was standing over a young girl with an obvious fracture and impressive deformity of her arm. He was praying for her with the family, asking God to guide the doctors to provide competent care, see her through this tough time, and help her find relief from her pain. I was glad to see him there helping me and the docs guide this nice family through this stressful time in their lives. It was kind of humorous though about the pain relief. I was standing there with my hands together, quietly respectful, with 4mg of morphine and zofran in hand. I was thinking "Hello.... preacher dude, need to administer God's pain relief... can we speed this along LOL".

    Thanks for all y'alls posts.
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