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The Journey of Death - page 2

Death, for many nurses, is the enemy. We come to work ready to conquer it or, at the very least beat it back, beat it down for another hour or another day. However, I never felt that way; as a... Read More

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    Thank you so much for this. I am a current nursing student and I am considering hospice as a career and I get looks like I have grown two heads. Many people don't understand why I would choose such a "downer" specialty, and yet I feel so drawn to help people in those final moments be comfortable and care for the person and family.

    Thank you for this article.
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    Great title considering the personal journey you conveyed so very well here. xo
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    enlightening and resourceful article, thank you for sharing it with us......aloha~
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    I too, am very comfortable with death, and don't find many others who feel the same way. Thank-you. I've never been much exposed to/considered hospice nursing..going to look into it.