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Death, for many nurses, is the enemy. We come to work ready to conquer it or, at the very least beat it back, beat it down for another hour or another day. However, I never felt that way; as a patient, as a family member, or as a... Read More

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    Thank you, I learned.

    My mother died of lung cancer in November. I remember just a month before she was asking me, "If they would just tell me how long I have." I was surprised that her oncologist would not have told her.

    My parents did not want me to come visit (l live 2000 miles away). Then one day I got the call from my Dad saying, "It's time to come home." My mom was already in a semi-restless coma, not speaking or recognizing anyone. We were asking the doctor why she wasn't aware any more. He did a CT that did not show anything. He said he would do an MRI. I remember asking him, "Why? Isn't the outcome going to be the same?" "Is it going to change anything?". Once he answered no, then it gave my Dad the realization that this was the end and we made plans for Hospice.

    I was just very surprised that Doctors that deal with oncology were not more upfront about the whole thing.

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    Truly an AMAZING article. Thank you!
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    Good sharing.
    Have been facing numerous death through the work. It have never been easy to deal with the significant other or family. I just wish that most nurses are getting more empathetic than getting dull after facing more and more death situation in their nursing career.

    Mas Catoer
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    Thank you so much for this. I am a current nursing student and I am considering hospice as a career and I get looks like I have grown two heads. Many people don't understand why I would choose such a "downer" specialty, and yet I feel so drawn to help people in those final moments be comfortable and care for the person and family.

    Thank you for this article.
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    Great title considering the personal journey you conveyed so very well here. xo
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    enlightening and resourceful article, thank you for sharing it with us......aloha~
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    I too, am very comfortable with death, and don't find many others who feel the same way. Thank-you. I've never been much exposed to/considered hospice nursing..going to look into it.

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