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A patient says something hateful, and here’s what a Muslim medical student does - The Washington Post Interesting conundrum?... Read More

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    Getting into LPN school in a few days, so I have no real dog in the healthcare side of 'isms, but I wonder where the lines for me will be. Can I go ahead and prepare my statement?

    I am Catholic/Republican/white/a man. But I am also a nurse. I can offer you my skills to the best of my ability, regardless of how you feel about my identity. It's your decision if you're open to working with me.

    Or maybe I'll just agree with them? I wore many hats waiting tables, earning tips by being whoever the customer wanted me to be. Yup, blacks are stupid and whites are racists and Catholics are pedophiles and Muslims are terrorists and nope, the Holocaust didn't happen and neither did the Armenian genocide and yes, it is a shame Democrats kill babies before Republicans can eat them.

    The internet is great for exposition. In the real world my mind is preoccupied with school costs and car repair and a new baby and and and.
    And this makes you immune from empathizing with a woman who probably never chose her religion or the peripherals that goes with it. I know we can actually be effective carers by just doing our jobs but I can assure you that our job is actually enhanced so much more when we engage emotionally with our patients. We feel their joys so much more and the endorphins Produced serves to make it a worthwhile goal. Try and explore if you are a little bit more complicated than you appear to be. Search for your humanity!