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    I know you haven't got the determination or energy but it is incredibly important that you see the right person. You would have worked with someone who always appeared to get things generally right and also possess some integrity that you can trust with your vulnerability. Someone who didn't gossip or indulged in negative comments about others. Pluck up the courage and approach that person. Explain your situation and ask them if they could help you find a mental health professional they would trust.That doesn't have to be a Dr. Capable people generally only have proficient people in their çircles. They will help you find the right Dr or professional to see. Your only job is to identify the right person to initially approach for help. That person if worth their salt, will help you unconditionally and immediately. But it's very important that you identify the right person initially who will be able to evaluate whichever mental health professional you eventually use. Opinions are like noses, everyone has one.
  2. Avid reader

    Accusation Against Male Nurse (Me)

    Grow a set! You're the RN! You are not there to make friends or be friendly. By being professional both clinically and in conduct, you will automatically garner respect which will make your job easier. You should have immediately written her up for the volume and derilection of duty. Pull your bloody finger out and realize it's a workplace that insists on professionalism at all times. When you next inform someone to perform a task, make sure it's performed but make absolutely bloody sure that the professionalism you expect from others also emanates from your own performances.
  3. Avid reader

    Nursing Ethics Question!

    How about demands money for not becoming violent or killing someone or abducting someone? When you begin applying logic to psychotic sxs as is the case here then the lunatics have taken over the asylum. Priority is medication to relieve sxs which will hopefully increase insight and allow for ongoing TX. If said PT remains unmedicated commits a violent crime then the implications might mean convictions, removal of license and worse a sullied reputation so little possibility of further work. This sounds like a matter for the court and a judge's order meanwhile I would write copious notes with the sole intention of CYB! You could also research the UK's Sections 135 and 136 which has all the information you would need to resolve this situation legally, ethically and professionally.
  4. Avid reader

    Tips for a New and Young Charge Nurse

    Wait about five years or so and in the meantime enjoy your pretty head with being young and innocent and having fun and not with the questions you're asking. You sound bubbly and it's your responsibility to share that verve and cheeriness with the world and not be cluttering your head with such heavy burdens. Enjoy:)
  5. Avid reader

    Discrimination for being a new mom?

    I think your problem is entitlement if that's how you feel. As the other posters have said, you weren't around when the job became available and yet you are comfortable enough to conclude discrimination and favouritism etc. I would enjoy that naivete' whilst you still have it and the joy of motherhood.
  6. Avid reader

    Am I too old to become an RN??

    Totally agree with PRN, you are way too old to be asking such silly questions especially on a forum! Hate to be so harsh but it must be wonderful to live a life where you can contemplate if you wish to be a RN? It's not a whimsical notion, it takes time, effort and commitment and involves life saving decisions sometimes. You are too speculative to be an RN and I actually feel insulted and I'm not being dramatic, when I see questions like this. Ask instead the question, how difficult it was for others to become RNs. Read some of the posts where people struggled through multiple jobs, horrible spouses, horrific situations, immigration and traumas whilst getting their RN's and then take my advice and not become a RN.
  7. Avid reader

    Workplace Harassment forced me to resign

    Since no one actually knows the situation except based on your description, you need to get an attorney. Try several so you can find out if you are being objective or just emotional. If as described, you shouldn't let them get away with it but you need to consider that it is a raw wound currently and you could be possibly over reacting. I would get a new job first and then reconsider if you want to litigate.
  8. Sounds like sublimation or distraction to me. After ten years he should have worked through the trauma and be of the meds. It is possible that his Psych provider is lax and dependency maybe an issue. The investment aspect is easily assesesd re expenses evaluation from the lender. That's their purview.
  9. Avid reader

    Innovation Wavers for Employment

    Depends on which country you are in? Worked in England at John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford. Community nurses were having problems with overweight patients re lifting of legs for dressings etc. I came up with a solution and without a waiver, lost the rights because I worked for the trust. That's the way the cookie crumbles.
  10. Avid reader

    Adele parody video for "SCHOOL NURSE DAY"

    Love this post. Thanks. As Adele might say "Let's be having you, mate"
  11. Avid reader

    April 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    "Did you say my wife is outside?"
  12. Avid reader

    April 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    "Told you that you would fart fire eating those chillis!!"
  13. Avid reader

    April 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    "I am not your ex-wife!!!"
  14. Avid reader

    April 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    "Trump Wo---nnnn?"
  15. Avid reader

    Religious Dilemma?

    Wish I could be so tolerant. Disdain and sarcasm usually is my fallback position and usually because of the limited intelligence of the progenitor I have no complaints. Unfortunately, they never understand, so my wit is wasted but I feel better. I actually never hold it against them because that's the consequences of a limited source of information like Fox and not actually reading. Can you imagine how many people are now emboldened by our President, in that you never actually have to read and still become the President? Shocking!!
  16. Avid reader

    Religious Dilemma?

    A patient says something hateful, and here’s what a Muslim medical student does - The Washington Post Interesting conundrum?