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    I know you haven't got the determination or energy but it is incredibly important that you see the right person. You would have worked with someone who always appeared to get things generally right and also possess some integrity that you can trust with your vulnerability. Someone who didn't gossip or indulged in negative comments about others. Pluck up the courage and approach that person. Explain your situation and ask them if they could help you find a mental health professional they would trust.That doesn't have to be a Dr. Capable people generally only have proficient people in their çircles. They will help you find the right Dr or professional to see. Your only job is to identify the right person to initially approach for help. That person if worth their salt, will help you unconditionally and immediately. But it's very important that you identify the right person initially who will be able to evaluate whichever mental health professional you eventually use. Opinions are like noses, everyone has one.
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    July 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    Did that Dr cut you open with a knife like thing?
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    July 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    New Post-Op employee?
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    They were in bed together.

    He would have forgotten about it by now so don't be bringing anything up:whistling:
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    Night nurse, single mom needing a way out! Need nurses' opinion

    I think your body is telling you what to do and now your daughter needs you more than ever. Email a resignation letter and detail the reasons for leaving in case you have to go back. That should cover you. Good luck and hope things work out. Don't miss your baby's life.
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    Starting nursing school at 37...

    Honey, you are embarking on one of the best careers out there. You'll never be out of a job and never be bored. The money is good and there are so many specialties to choose from. The opportunity to travel and a myriad of personalities to deal with. Congrats and enjoy!
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    When did you know?

    My dad got ill and after his stay had nothing but praise for the Nurses. He said aside from the kindness shown, it was the attention to details and the level of professionalism they displayed. They explained all procedures including what the Drs proposed in language he understood and advocated for all the patients and was patient with the new residents, even teaching them. His inpatient was in England where the sisters or nurse managers have a lot of power. My father is a difficult man to please. He's extremely analytical and adheres to competence and professionalism, always. He rarely praises anyone, so the choice was simple and I've not regretted it since.
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    Can I even make it in nursing?

    We are all here for you. As a sensitive person, you are seriously needed in nursing. Become an advocate which in a way is displacement. You control your anxiety because it's someone else's cause and you learn how to both advocate for them and ultimately yourself. Find support like All Night. Unfortunately I'm not sensitive, just lots of empathy and compassion. Take care.
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    Chewed out from family

    I really cannot see what this nurse has to be upset about? This should be par for the course predictable behaviors giving the situation described and the subsequent reactions expected. Ill pt, kidney replacement?, if not pathology then abuse, if abuse then very likely the peripherals IE family, social status, education, all points to expected behaviours. Just generalizing so no abuse re peripherals. People are upset in traumatic situations and one cannot reasonably expect reserved behaviours unless they are brought up and schooled reservedly. One has to be cool, polite,respectful and considerate because it's part of being a nurse aside from our clinical expertise.
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    June 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    "I don't know what happened. I just pushed the button that said, Economy?"
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    June 2017 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner!

    "It gets 100 miles to the gallon"
  12. Nurses make great money if you know how to manage it. 50k plus goes a long way when managed properly and relates to your lifestyle. If your parents plan to support you all of your life then obey them otherwise especially with previous depression and affective disorder probabilities, you should stick to your guns. Respect them but you need to know I cannot think of another job that allows you so many possibilities re choices, travel and schedule and the opportunity to make seriously good money depending on specialties or other choices.
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    What do I do now.

    Get absolutely the best lawyer you can and establish that by research and more research. Previous history of similar defence and immediately agreeing to file counter lawsuits against the charge nurse and Hospital for deformation and whatever your lawyer can drum up. Look into previous history of this hospital re lax PT care, contact the previous nurses mentioned. The best defense is an offence and be prepared to fight hard for your license because based on your responses here, you are a bit wimpy. Sorry to be inconsiderate but show them you are not willing to put up with their nonsense. If you show them you've got mettle, they'll back down but you need ammunition!
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    Accusation Against Male Nurse (Me)

    Grow a set! You're the RN! You are not there to make friends or be friendly. By being professional both clinically and in conduct, you will automatically garner respect which will make your job easier. You should have immediately written her up for the volume and derilection of duty. Pull your bloody finger out and realize it's a workplace that insists on professionalism at all times. When you next inform someone to perform a task, make sure it's performed but make absolutely bloody sure that the professionalism you expect from others also emanates from your own performances.
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    Nursing Ethics Question!

    How about demands money for not becoming violent or killing someone or abducting someone? When you begin applying logic to psychotic sxs as is the case here then the lunatics have taken over the asylum. Priority is medication to relieve sxs which will hopefully increase insight and allow for ongoing TX. If said PT remains unmedicated commits a violent crime then the implications might mean convictions, removal of license and worse a sullied reputation so little possibility of further work. This sounds like a matter for the court and a judge's order meanwhile I would write copious notes with the sole intention of CYB! You could also research the UK's Sections 135 and 136 which has all the information you would need to resolve this situation legally, ethically and professionally.